First Birthday Party :: “Little Man” Theme

My second son, Wiley, turned 1 last month. I know that the whole moustache thing is a little played out but every time I tried to think of a theme for Wiley’s birthday I kept coming back to “Little Man” so, we just went for it! He is just such a little man so it “suited” (ha ha!) him just fine! The inspiration behind the decor was a London haberdashery window display.These were the invites. I sent ‘vintage’ (read: $1 thrift shop!) ties with a band around them that held all the information. Wording on the invite went like this:
A celebration for all ages!
Our Little Man Wiley is Turning One!

Steak! Potatoes! Stiff Drinks! Dominoes!
Not to miss!
And inside:
Knot your tie, wax your ‘stache, fetch your briefcase, and “comb” over for a late afternoon party celebrating our sweet
Wiley Man

Monday, the 17th of January
4 o’clock in the afternoon
on a mannish street called ________
Given with more love than we ever dreamed
RSVP to Wy’s old (wo)man I sewed them into vellum and added an extra piece of paper with instructions to knot a “Wiley Windsor.” On the other side was the address that showed through the vellum. I got the fabric for the tablecloths at an awesome discount fabric place in Lake Forest called Home Fabrics. The fabric for the napkins and around the plants is from JoAnn’s. I got the plants from Lowe’s which was fabulous because they were a dollar a piece. They were all about to die, so I brought them home, watered them up and made it work. They were cheap and looked good enough. I wrapped fabric and tied Brett’s ties around the bases then put dowels in them to display hats. The rest of the tables had extra ties strewn about and dominoes everywhere.I made the napkins look like shirt sleeves by taking cardstock, taping it together, then glue-gunning a button on. Easy!A Wiley waterbottle, china from Brett’s great uncle, my grandma’s silver, and our wedding goblets made up the place settings. Add the cuff napkin and a moustache on a stick (felt glued to black cardstock then glue-gunned to a stick) and that’s it. And here’s what greeted you on the froot door.The mantle had more hats, a pennant banner I made from napkin scraps that said “Wiley is One” and the Wiley Windsor Knot instructions blown up, cut and hung on fishing line. (I kind of have an obsession for fishing line. It’s so dang useful!)My mom made these awesome straw moustache things… basically cut out black cardstock, hole punch it then put it on a bendy straw. Brooks liked it!Any opportunity for a photobooth and we’re in! We set up this one by hanging an empty photo frame from our stairwell and draping houndstooth fabric behind them. Throw in some mustaches and you have a hit. We got some great photos of our guests – which just our immediate family. A perfectly small party for our small guy. Everyone came in the ties I sent them… I love these people so much! These guys know how to ‘bring it!’Since I get asked a bunch about my skirt, I didn’t make it. I was going to make one but then I found this shop on Etsy and bought one for $15! I couldn’t make it for that much if I tried! Sold! And a quick thanks to my huz who will always dress up without me even asking him to. He’s such a great sport! We served MAN FOOD for our little man. And because the party was super small, it was actually good! Steak, potatoes, and bacon-wrapped asparagus followed by grasshopper pie & mustache on stick cupcakes. Still easy, but a little better than Cheez-Whiz! Ha! I made the chocolate mustaches with this candy mold, made boxed cupcakes and stuck it in. After dinner but before dessert, we played Wiley Bingo. I just put photos of him throughout the year and made up a bingo card. We played three rounds and the winners got Starbucks cards. It was so fun to go back through photos of our little man!Wiley was such a little star on his first birthday. We all loved watching him eat up his cupcake.Yay for our “Little Man.”


12 thoughts on “First Birthday Party :: “Little Man” Theme

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  2. Hello! I think this party is amazing and I’m really interested in the invitations. Would you be able to tell me where you got the stationery for the invites? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there!
      So sorry to just be seeing this! It was in spam for some reason! I made them and can set up printable files for you – i am working on a suite of items in my etsy shop but I can make it happen! Convo me through Etsy and we can set up a private listing for you!

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