It’s A Wrap :: Shower Gift Wrapping

With all the parties you go to, you certainly can’t arrive empty-handed! So why not make your gift something to gab about? When it comes to wrapping presents, I have to say that my mom is the master. She’s such an outside-the-box thinker and literally turns gifts into works of art.Using her trusty Cricut machine, bubble wrap, a bathtub ducky, sparkly paper, and her uber-creative brain, she turned this huge boxy shower gift into a feast for the eyes. I won’t attempt to deliver directions on how to recreate something like this. I’ll be posting her creativity for inspiration purposes and to show that if you just stretch the imagination a little, you can create something truly unique.Here’s a much simpler, but still darling example of her work. Crowd pleasers to be sure! Happy wrapping! If you have any questions, go ahead and post them… I can try to answer as best I can.
**And quick side note, I am going to add a category on the right that is devoted strictly to the things she does. You’ll be able to reference her under crafty jan.**


3 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap :: Shower Gift Wrapping

  1. You know, it just isn’t fair that you and your mom got ALL the creative genius energy there is in the world. It leaves the rest of us without too much to work with!!! You two are simply THE BEST!!! mimi

  2. I’m with Mimi Butler! Although, the bright side is we get to copy all of your genius!!!! Oh… and to attest to this… I framed the box that your Mom made for Mason’s gift (from Ellie)! They really ARE little works of art! Thanks, Jan!

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