Yay You! :: Favor Bags From A Reader

I have to say how excited I am that (a) you lovelies are actually reading this blog, and (b) that I’m getting feedback like this! Amy, a darling blog reader, made these favor bags based on this tutorial. (Okay. Full disclosure. I am trying to sound important and like I have massive amounts of ‘readers’ but Amy is actually my sister’s friend and sent this to her – not me. But still! I was sooooo pumped to see it and so excited to have followers! Yay and thank you!)
Amy had the brilliant idea of prettyfying sunflower seeds – so nice because the bag is already ready to go! Just add the favor label and you’re set. Genius, right? It’s adorable! She did such a great job that I posted this even though I’m a Bruin at heart. Too cute not to, right? Thanks for reading and sharing, Amy!


One thought on “Yay You! :: Favor Bags From A Reader

  1. Your sight is amazing! You are my new go to sight for my sons (and my own) birthday party ideas! I was set on race cars but then I saw trash and thieves and now I just can’t decide! I love that your parties really revolve around the kiddos first and foremost but still look amazing for the adults. AMAZING!

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