Not My Party :: Book Themed Party

Here’s the first installment of Not My Party! Up until now I’ve only posted parties I had some sort of role in, but there are so many beautifully fun, funky and fabulous ideas out there that I need to share with you all! This book party from Amelie’s House found via Sara’s Party Perfect is just adorable.Yes it was for a child’s birthday party, but think of making it more mature. Say you’ve been in the same book club for 10 years… why not throw a party like this to celebrate? Or what about a “dress like your favorite book character” party? So many things I love about this! Make sure to click those links above to see more! And let’s throw this piñata into the Idea Thief files. Piñatas… not just donkeys anymore! Adore this! Makes me want to curl up with a good book!


One thought on “Not My Party :: Book Themed Party

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