Not My Party :: Argentina Chic

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my dears. While the rest of the world is mentally in Ireland, let’s instead travel south of the equator today.Now how do I get invited to a party like this? The gals at Society Picnic put on such a divine Argentinian party and I really wish I could have been sitting at the gorgeous table, sipping on one of those wine glasses, and watching someone do a tango.Don’t these pictures make you want relax your shoulders and say “aaaaaaaaaaah?” Check out the real Argentinian stamps they used as wine charms. How genius is that?The lights, the flowers, the candles, everything about this is just lovely, lovely, lovely.I’m particularly fond of the beautiful wine bottle bag and how they wrapped those napkins. So need to copy that!This was the invitation. Simple and darling. Love this calm and glamourous theme! I’m off to book some tickets to Buenos Aires now. Ta ta!


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