Throw This :: Royal Wedding Watching Party

I don’t know about you but I am totally loving that Prince William is getting married to such a class act. Kate Middleton is a doll, dontcha think? And I don’t know about you, but I am totally excited to enjoy the nuptials from across the pond. What better way to celebrate two these love-Brits than by throwing a party for all your fellow royal-ophiles while watching them get hitched on the tele this April 29th? So let’s Throw This! I’m not sure if I will have the time to put on a party like this but someone sure should! And if you do, send me what you came up with! Here’s some inspiration…
Oh the possibilities! I mean, you could definitely do a an English tea party, or you could go with a more graphic Union Jack-ish route. And that Union Jack is just graphically perfect in my mind, so I’m gonna run in that direction.
But first thing’s first. No matter which way you go, everyone in attendance – and I am talking to the men as well – should definitely wear an ostentatious piece of crazy on their head. I’ll take that red enormous flower hat, thanks!
So now, let’s decorate. Okay, I am forming a total paper crush on Bushel & Peck Paper Co. And lucky for us, Jaimee has designed the perfect suite of decor collateral just for this kind of party! Invites, cupcake toppers, and just look how cute that “Cheerio” banner is!Adorable! She’s got a whole website of lovely goodies, so check it out!
For tables, let’s grab some vintage tablecloths from somewhere amazing like Uncle Bunk’s Trunk. How perfect is this one of Buckingham palace and the guards? But it would be equally cute to do all florals as well.I would definitely grab a few of these bunting kits from Etsy shop Loopsies and drape them all over the house. Then I’d pull a few tea tins for floral arrangements. If the design is British, even better! I love that double decker bus one and the ones from Harrod’s are just perfect as well! Throw a few toy soldiers on each table, grab some union jack flags or pillows to toss about and start sipping some tea! And if tea just doesn’t cut the mustard, well, there’s trusty – and very aptly packaged – Beefeater Gin. Don’t you just love it when your gin decorates for you?

If you’ve ever walked through Hyde Park in the spring, you’ll know that daffodils take over! So let’s use them in those tea tins. Primroses do the trick as well and both are great British options.
And since we’re drinking Gin instead of tea, let’s drink out of these Royal Doulton Toby Mugs. How kitschy cool would that be? If you have precious silver, now is the time to break it out. I imagine those Brits wouldn’t dare eat off of plastic utensils. Serve up bangers and mash (and see who’s brave enough to eat it), chips (and by chips I mean fries), and heavy beer and I bet you anything the prince and new princess will wish they could be at your party instead of theirs!
Okay, okay. So realistically the men in your life may not care as much about Wills & Kate as you and I do. Well, let them be party poopers and host a ladies tea instead to celebrate the royal wedding. Aren’t these teacups lovely? And what fun thrifted saucers. And I absolutely adore what Celebrations at Home did for place settings. So, so darling. (In fact the whole party on her blog would translate perfectly for this one. Check it out.)
You’ll definitely need to serve up some mean tea and crumpets. Of course, don’t you dare lose that hat! Maybe even add some gloves. If you’re jonesing for a party like this but want someone else to do all the work, gather a bunch of gals and head to somewhere darling like Crown and Crumpet. (Oh SF! You strike again with your coolness.)Hang some bunting to make it seem even sweeter and decorate with english rosesNo matter how you do it, it could be a very cool party, no? So someone, throw this! I mean, it’s not every day the world gets a new princess. Cheerio, indeed my dears!


5 thoughts on “Throw This :: Royal Wedding Watching Party

  1. i love this….. great idea! keep em’ coming, you are super inspiring! btw…. this reminds me we need to go have afternoon tea!! 😉

  2. I’m having a Mommy & Me Wedding Brunch the day after the wedding to celebrate the royal couple. We all remember getting up in the middle of the night to see Princess Di & Charles get married. Luckily, now we have TiVo and can record it! We’ll be doing an old fashion tea party/brunch with 12 Mom’s & their 5-6 year old little ladies, following brunch, we’ll retire to the salon to watching the wedding ceremony together! The save the dates are already out & formal the invites go out in the mail next week… Tiara’s & outrageous headware are welcome & encouraged… Cheerio!

    • How FUN!!!! Oh how I wish I could join you lovely ladies! Would love to see what you’ve come up with! Good to know that great minds think alike!

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