Party Theme :: Brazilian Carnival / Mardi Gras

Every two-ish months a group of our friends gets together in what we call “Gourmet Group.” The premise is that one person hosts and chooses a theme then assigns each couple a gourmet (ie: hard to make but delicious to eat) dish and a cocktail to accompany it. This past weekend our friends Ryan & Yvette put on quite the shindig for the theme they chose: Brazilian Carnivale. Of course the food was delightful but I simply couldn’t get over the decor!
Each place setting had a feathered and glittered place card, a sequined mask, and an feather-adorned napkin ring that Yvette made herself.

I have to tell you how exciting it was just to walk into their door. It was a feast for the eyes and set the tone so beautifully. But the smash hit?
The 4 foot tall tree in the center of the table. What a creative way to make a statement – and how many different ways could you use something like this? Endless possibilities! She filled it with boas, feathers, beads, and really elaborate carnival masks but you could translate this idea for the holidays or hang pretty flowers from it or… well hang just about anything on it. I also loved that it was such a huge centerpiece but because it was up high, everyone could see each other. Totally cool.
Another great idea she had – and pay attention if you host potlucks of any kind – is that she made labels for all the food and created a buffet table. Hers was over the top gorgeous but I am thinking this would be so nice even at a simple BBQ. Wouldn’t you love to walk into a house with your potato salad this summer and have a label on the table telling you exactly where you should put it? It was really clever and it totally took away the multiple “Where do you want me to put this?” conversations.
Smart and cute, right? And the labels she made were just darling. Shiny paper, fancy scissors and a fun font. Voila! And yes, this would be a fabulous Mardi Gras party as well – but apparently Carnival goes on for a month! And who wouldn’t want to party for a month? Great ideas, great party! Steal away!


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