Throw This :: Indian Princess Themed Party

For a mom of two boys, I am sure thinking about girly parties a ton! My niece is turning 1 this weekend – which may be why I’m in a ladylike state of mind – and just wait until I share what my sister put together! Until then, I am begging someone with girls to Throw This! An Indian Princess themed party.

I found the photo above from Style Milk on creativitae and haven’t been able to stop thinking about a party that incorporates tough and sweet like this cute little picture does. Inspired by that darling little girl’s neutral colored dress, I would keep everything pretty simple and use only pastels and beiges.

Maybe grab a few plain teepees and let your daughter and her friends paint them at the party.

I’d cover the tables with burlap or muslin and let each girl create her own headress out of feathers and rhinestones.
Maybe grab a few pillows like this cute one to throw around the chairs.
I’m thinking faded quilts in a backyard, a few teepees surrounding them, simple cupcakes, lemonade, and these insanely adorable fabric garlands from Once Wed floating above your head!

Can you even get over how cute these pictures are? Oh how I would love to throw this party! I usually don’t love the idea of a princess, but toughened up a little bit, I adore it. Maybe for my niece’s 2nd birthday. What a damn dirty shame my boys wouldn’t like a party like this!


2 thoughts on “Throw This :: Indian Princess Themed Party

  1. I LOVE this idea! I need a girl so I can throw this too…and so I can have an excuse to make cute headbands. 🙂 xxx

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