Not My Party :: Military Man Theme

Well send me to the boot camp on how to make a party this cool! What an awesome and unique theme for a birthday boy! Genevieve of Celebrate Today… The Superchick Way sure was a superchick when she planned this beautifully detailed party for her 9-year-old son. Those bullets? Totally real (but old!) Holy amazingness! What a legit party!

Hot chocolate cupcakes? How do you even think of something that cute?
She even made camouflage cake pops. Can you see them? I don’t even want to know how long something like this takes! But totally worth every second! WOWZA!

Isn’t everything just amazing? Well, that’s not all… This was only “Part 1!” Part 2 will delight you even more! Make sure to check out her blog and see what insanely creative things she came up with! I know so many young men a party like this would be just fabulous for!


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