How To :: Make Glitter Easter Eggs

Here’s a Crafty Jan special hot off the racks! GLITTER EGGS! Yahoo! Wanna join me in making these? Okay! Come on along!You’ll need to gather your gear. You really can’t go wrong with that crafty broad Martha Stewart’s glitter and glue, but any tacky glue should be just fine. I’d still stick to her glitter though – and the bigger the egg the more glitter you’ll need.You’ll need to find some paper-covered cardboard eggs. They are super cute in their own right, so you might have trouble covering them. Poor bunny up there doesn’t have a clue he’s going to be pounded with glitter in a matter of seconds! You can usually snag these guys at discount stores like Tuesday Morning, sometimes Home Goods, and usually Cost Plus World Market around Easter time. Just keep an eye out. Or google them. I think they go by “German paper-covered cardboard eggs.You’ll also need a variety of trimmings. Ribbons, buckles, wordy banners and knick knacks – whatever you have on hand or whatever you can scoop up at a craft store. (You won’t need all of this stuff… just showing you an example of what you can use but really the sky is the limit!) I love the purple foil trim up there but we’re not sure where it came from.Now, crack that egg and brush some glue onto it.Reconnect the egg before dousing that bad boy with glitter. What a pretty mess you’ll make!Now look what you did! Stupendous! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at the midsection… you’ll be putting trim on that area in a second.Now measure the bottom half of the egg and cut a ribbon to fit. Wait until the egg is dry, then using tacky glue or a glue gun – whichever you’re most comfortable with – glue it onto that half.For the top half, leave two ribbon pieces pretty long and glue each ribbon to either side. Make sure it matches up with the ribbon on the bottom half. Remember that you are going to want to open this egg, so make sure you don’t wrap the whole egg in ribbon. (You can see the two halves they way they should look in the lower photo up there.)Take those long ribbons and tie a pretty bow on top.Now with either a glue gun or a smaller glue pen, glue each edge of the egg one side at a time so you can add some fun trimming.Trim one side, then repeat the glue+trim thing on the other side.Add something funky to the top! This “Easter Greetings” was just printed on plain old 20 lb. paper cut to look like a banner.And look what you made, you sassy little glitter bug! Glitter eggs! Yahoo! What a fun way to wrap an Easter gift too! You know like candy? toys? $100 bills? (Hey Easter Bunny, did you hear that?)Here are some more inspiring eggs for your viewing pleasure! I love how that yellow one turned out… it was actually a happy accident. The pattern underneath really came through since the glitter was so light but I think it made it even prettier. And those daises are too cute, right? As toppers anything works! Check out that blue lizard! So fun for a little boy’s basket. Clever, clever Crafty Jan strikes again!


2 thoughts on “How To :: Make Glitter Easter Eggs

  1. I’d heard Martha Stewarts gltter was nice stuff, and it really is. These are beautiful eggs. I wish I could glitter our edible eggs with that stuff. 🙂

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