Featured On :: CasaSugar and Hip Hip Hooray

Last week ended with fireworks for Cakes Likes A Party! My friends at Sugar Inc., where I used to be a designer, posted the glitter egg tutorial on CasaSugar. I was literally dancing around the town all weekend because of it! They are such an incredible company and such wonderful people and I felt totally blessed to be featured on their site. So exciting for me! As a friend of mine said, it was a “full circle moment.” Very fun!
Then this morning, I woke up to the news that the trash party is featured on one of my favorite blogs, Hip Hip Hooray. Oh! My! Gosh! This is so exciting for me! I almost fell out of my bed and I’m doing back flips the around the house like a maniac. Such a happy way to end, then start a week! Yahoo! Thanks to both of these lovely websites. And do yourself a big favor by checking them out. There are millions of inspiring ideas on each of them.


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