Idea Thief :: Chalkboard Mason Jar

Oh just stop that cuteness right? My friend Sandra brought these to me for helping her with a project. I couldn’t let something this darling be camera shy.She took chalkboard paint and painted a square onto a mason jar. So simple, but what an impact! And I adore that she tied some chalk onto the rim as well. (The sweet peas don’t hurt either! Those are probably in my top 5 fave flowers.)I am thinking of a million possibilities for something like this: Place cards, hostess gift, spelling out a word on a bunch of them with a letter on each one. Grrrr! Too cute! I’m so dang lucky to have such clever friends!


2 thoughts on “Idea Thief :: Chalkboard Mason Jar

  1. So cute! I just recently learned about the chalkboard paint and am determined to have a chalkboard wall in the house (I’ve already decided where). Clever and cute gift idea.
    I miss you! Love, Sus

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