Not My Party :: Cardboard Box Birthday

Talk about thinking outside of the box. A cardboard box birthday party for twin boys. This has GOT to be the most creative theme I have seen for a birthday party. Can you imagine the toddler brain overload? Kidlets would go bonkers for a birthday like this! I die!Of course something this incredible comes from the people at Hello Lucky. They’re the kind of creative peeps that make feel me sick inside because I know there is not a way on God’s green earth I will ever be as cool. I say this as a compliment to them. (Are you feeling sick too?) Looking at the details from this shindig makes me feel like I am getting slapped in the face with waterballoons of ideas. Ouch! And awesome!b.y.o.b! Bring your own box! Are you kidding me??? Too cool.And the hats! I am obsessing over that funny little balloon man that keeps popping up throughout the party. Funky and fabulous.I’m totally feeling inspired and depressed all at the same time! Even the boxes are insanely rad. If you think you can stomach more awesomeness, check out the rest of the party here. One day I hope to reincarnated with a brain like the Hello Lucky-ers. Fantastic.


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