30th Birthday Party :: Bee Picnic

A couple weeks ago my sister Ellie, “The Bee,” turned 30! Yahoo! Instead of a big party, she and her huz opted to go to Vegas just the two of them. My mom, sister-in-law, and one of Ellie’s best friends, Brooke, couldn’t let her get away without some kind of celebration so we were planning on a midweek lunch with the birthday girl at my mom’s house. Little did we know what my mom really had in store for her… and us. A totally cute, surprise Bee Picnic. Since there were only 5 of us, my mom packed individually wrapped sandwiches, salad, and soup into one picnic basket. She set up a low beach table and we sat upon pillows to lunch and gab away.I personally couldn’t get over the sandwich bags. That Crafty Jan sewed muslin sacks and printed the bee graphic she designed on iron-on transfers. So darling! Totally stealing this idea. Or better yet… begging her to make them for a party I throw! Loving the detail on this napkin set up. A teeny bee on a wire was floating above the ribbon, and eco-friendly utensils and the cutest paper straw ever were poking right out. Perfectomundo!Totally adorable water bottles…
… and cute labels for the food.You certainly cannot go wrong with yellow tulips.
Throw in some mimosas and you’ve got yourself a very happy Bee-day girl!And what birthday would be complete without dessert? Loooove that thick candle.My mom even stole my niece right after Ellie arrived and dressed her up in a bee costume! It was such a cute, unexpected and super adorable birthday party. That Crafty Jan needs to have her own blog! Until that happens, I promise to keep showing off her darling parties and pretending like I had something to do with it! Here’s the happy birthday Bee!


2 thoughts on “30th Birthday Party :: Bee Picnic

  1. Oh my goodness! This party is bee~utiful! It reminds me of the Jewel Kade “Bee” necklace! It has a queen bee on one side and the other side reads “Bee yourself. Everybody else is already taken.” It sounds like a must have for your sis, or any girl! I wear mine almost every day! Check it out at http://www.jewelkade.com/tiffanydirks.

  2. well, wasn’t that the best lunch a 30 year old bee could ask for?!?! love love loved it, love you, and love mom! xo

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