Throw This :: Enchanted Fairy Party

I have to admit, birthday parties for little girls are not generally on my radar. This past week a friend of mine asked me if I had any ideas for her little fairy’s upcoming 3rd birthday. Well… I don’t but all of these lovely people do! There are so many ways to make a pixie party cute. But honestly I think that even if all you did was have the girls show up with wings on, it would be darling enough! Can’t get much cuter than wings on a 3-year-old now can it? Above is a fab butterfly fairy party from Kara’s Party Ideas.
I love this table and out of control fairy tree found hereAnd all of these other ideas were found on Catch My Party. I especially love the hanging fairy outfits. Oh to have a girl! I’m no expert in this arena with these two boys of mine, so if you’re jonesing for more info, please click the links!


One thought on “Throw This :: Enchanted Fairy Party

  1. I love love the signs for the little boys birthday party where did you go to purchase them? I have a four year old coming up in 4 weeks. Thank you.

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