Idea Thief :: Birdcage Card Holder

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We went to a {beautiful, stunning, out-of-control fun} wedding this weekend and spotted this totally thieve-worthy find… A birdcage used as a card holder on the gift table. So cool because you just drop the card through any slot. I snapped the above photo… The ones below are from this blogThis is such a great idea for many reasons. The first one is obvious: it’s dang adorable. Another reason? It keeps your cards (and by cards, I mean money!) safe from thieves… and I’m not talking about us idea thieves. I’ve actually had a number of friends that have had cards (and money) stolen at their weddings… I am assuming from employees of the venue, not guests. This would keep your cards a little safer because once they’re in, they are not easy to get out. Great at weddings, but equally cool for a fundraising event or even a raffle. Love it! Steal away!


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