3rd Birthday Invitation :: “Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata” Theme

Huh? Yep, that’s what I thought too. First of all, welcome to June! Can you believe how fast this year is flying? And welcome to party season! This month alone we are committed to throwing or going to at least 10 parties so far. Bananas! And speaking of bananas… this is the party that my almost 3-year-old son requested this year. A “Monkey, Donkey, Robot, Piñata Birthday Party.” Don’t believe me? Check out this video we took of him in March – (the robot was a late entry, which he later tried to change to a monster but I vetoed that since the invites were already done!)He would NOT budge from this theme and the more I thought about it, the cooler I thought it would be. Okay… so monkeys, donkeys, piñatas & robots. Let’s roll with it!As a rule, I am a maximalist. I love simplicity, but I don’t do it very well, so this is what we ended up with. Since the theme is so… hmmm… diverse? wonky? bonkers?… I kept the icons (which I yanked from google’s image search, then converted to illustrations in Illustrator) black and white and pulled the color in through other places. That red and that blue is my favorite color combo in the world (I call it “Thing One & Thing Two Red & Blue”) so I decided to use them for this party. I, like everyone else in the world, am on a bit of a chevron kick so I wanted to incorporate that into the party as well. I found the envelopes on zazzle and they have a bunch of other cool color combos as well. Check it out.To add to the wonky vibe, you’re asked “What’s up buttercup?” on the back of the envelope. Why not? I had to wrap the return address around anyway, and leaving it red just seemed wasteful to me! Hee hee!I used thick foam tape to mount the white part of the invite to the blue chevron. (See how it’s raised in the photo above?) The red “3” pattern was on the back and also used as an envelope liner. The party isn’t for 3 weeks but I thought sharing this was a good way to kick off his birthday month. Wording was:
You’re invited to Brooks’
Yep. For reals. Join us at a funky little shindig for a funky little guy.

(Date/Time)    Brooks’ Pad    (Address)
RSVP to Annika          No Gifts Necessary
Can’t wait to share photos of the “funky shindig” with you later this month! (And for those of you coming, ignore the date on these… this was round 1! You know the real date of the party!)


13 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Invitation :: “Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata” Theme

  1. THIS FUNKY LITTLE SHIN-DIG IS PERFECT FOR THAT COOL LITTLE BROOKS! WELL DONE MOMMY…(as usual)! I wonder of he’ll grow up to wear an astroturf jacket to his prom with a golf ball boutonniere???? ;0 soooo fun! Happy birthday month buddy!..(call your uncle nate…he can make an insane robot!)

  2. Omg, only you could rock that theme! I freakin love it. And the colors/chevron/fonts all make me very happy. I literally CANNOT wait to see how you pull off the rest of this.

    Btw, the whole address/return address label…your design? If so, do you ever sell them? What I’m trying to say here is that I would love to have that type of thing on our first birthday invites.

  3. Hi Annika!
    I am dying! I love what you have done with these invitations! You are so talented. Grayson is having his “Chicken Robot Birthday Party” this weekend! So funny how they are so specific at this age on what they want! I have to incorporate robots, chickens, a big hill, remote control cars & chocolate milk somehow! Good luck on yours…I can’t wait to see what you do!

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  5. LOVE the invitations…everything about them…the colors, designs, theme…love it all!!! can’t wait to see the pics from the party:)

    • Thanks Jenny! The party is this Friday so next week is “MONKEY DONKEY ROBOT PINATA” week! What a crazy imagination 3 year olds have!

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