Supper Club :: The Structure Of Ours

I have been asked by many people how we dole out the responsibilities in our supper club. I take no credit for it’s structure. My friend who brought this group together did all the thinking in that department. But I think it’s really worked out well so I’m happy to share the details.So here goes (in my friend’s words):
1. The goal is to have a GG party every other month (which can be modified depending on schedules).
2. Each couple will be responsible for hosting a GG party which will be based on rotation (averaging once a year per couple).
3. At the beginning of each dinner party, the date and host of the next GG party will be determined.
4. All food dishes must be home-made. This is the educational part of the group. Nothing can be pre-made from the store, including bread. 
5. To share recipes and learn from everyone’s individual experiences. 
1. The hosts are responsible for selecting the theme and food menu: options are endless (French, Tapas, Italian, Greek, Clambake, etc. etc.).
2. Creating the food menu involves selecting specific dishes that will be part of the meal and then assigning the dishes to each couple. It will be up to the hosts if they want to provide specific recipes for the dishes or allow others to research their own recipes.
3. The host is responsible for the centerpiece/main dish (example: if the theme was French, the hosts would be responsible for the Rack of Lamb or Coq Au Vin – others could be responsible for Au Gratin potatoes, Crepes, French Onion Soup, etc.).
1. To research a recipe for the dish that was assigned to them, or make the recipe that was selected for them by the host. 
2. To research a cocktail or wine that either compliments your dish or goes with the general theme.  
3. Most of or all of each dish should be prepared prior to arriving at the host’s house for the party (with the exception of heating), unless last minute preparation is required (example: tossing salad, souffle, melting cheese, etc.).
1. Again, EVERYTHING must be home-made. For example, if you are assigned Pita Bread for a Greek theme, the pitas must be made from scratch. This means no brownie mix, cake mix, muffin mix, etc. can be used. I know you get the idea!Okay, it’s me again! Hi! So we’ve been at this over a year now and we’ve learned a lot, but also tweaked a lot, from those original guidelines. We realized that each couple bringing a ‘signature drink’ was a little too much… it can get pretty sugary. So this next round we’re having the hosts be responsible for the signature drink and the rest of us will just bring beer or wine. We also have TOTALLY eased up on the “make it from scratch” thing. The real point is that we get together and eat a great meal, so if there wasn’t time to pound tortillas or churn butter (i kid!), no one really cared. Everyone made delicious food… they’re just not out gathering wheat to bake their bread anymore.As for how many people to gather together, I think it would be best with a crew of 5-7 couples – but that’s just my two cents. Less would work but I would cap it at 7 couples for sure. Now what are you waiting for? Go out and start up a Gourmet Group/Supper Club! It’s a yummy way to see your friends!


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