3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 1)

What do you get when you cross a monkey with a donkey, robot, piñata, 38 kids and 64 adults? One hell of a party! You may remember the invitations I posted from earlier this month? In that post I also explain why the heck we threw a party like this for a 3-year-old! You can bet it wasn’t my idea! Anyway, I’m splitting this whole shebang into a 5 part series. (I cannot believe that this will take me a week to get through!) Today, I give you the overall details. The rest of the week will go like this: Tue – Food & Dessert, Wed – Photobooth, Thu – Games, Fri – Wrap up. Start your engines! Let’s roll!Welcome to the party! Here was the sign that greeted you as you walked through the door. My mom whipped up that flag with some extra fabric we had from the tablecloths. Isn’t it cute? (I’m trying to force her into business so if you’re in the market for a flag like this, email me! Although she might kill me for writing that! Oops!) I ordered black and white chevron and blue and white chevron fabric from fabricguru.com for the party, and as you will see, we used the heck out of it. I honestly am at the point where zig zags make me want to throw up but if you’re seeing this for the first time, it might be pretty cute! I had 18×24″ posters made of the monkey, donkey, robot and piñata (MDRP) for our hallway through a company called Vivyx. I had a coupon so they ended up being pretty cheap and the quality is incredible! Highly recommend these guys if you’re printing anything big. The photo above isn’t the best but I do like how you can see the reflection of the piñatas in the monkey poster. The cool thing is that these are the colors in my son’s room so I am going to hang one of them in there this week. Which to pick?Shoot out of the hallway and you’ll hit the living room. Once I decided to just go with this wacky theme, I got a little obsessed with searching for monkeys, donkeys and robots. I spent about 2 months looking for these suckers! I cannot even tell you how many “deals” I scored on ebay looking for these guys. And by deals, I mean that the robot may have been 99 cents, but the shipping was $15! Ridic and something I highly DO NOT recommend – but if you’re a nut like me, more power to you! Every day a new box would appear on my doorstep with another “treasure” inside. Such a hideous assortment of random ceramics I am now a proud owner of! Oh my goodness, ebay! You kill me! I love how some of these items smelled like smoke and I even got a donkey with a stronger, perhaps greener, smell surrounding it. Oh well! Can’t let a smelly donkey get you down when you have a party vision!And let’s just talk about these guys for a second, shall we? Yarn balls. You come to every party on the blogosphere these days and you look so dang cute, and you seem so fun, and you appear to be so easy to make. Um… nope. I’d rather hunt for monkeys and donkeys than make another batch of these guys!My 80-year-old, very grumpy, ex-marine neighbor calls his wife and his dog the same name: Pita. I shall call yarn balls this name as well. He says it stands for “Pain In The …” You get the picture. I tried about 4 different yarn ball recipes and ended up with sticky hands, sticky children, sticky floors, and a bunch of popped balloons and wet yarn. I finally found a way that worked for me best, but there is a reason these things are on the table and not hanging from the ceiling. Mine turned out so delicate and not stiff at all, so while they looked great, they were actually… well… a Pita. Okay… moving on.Let’s go outside to the piñata shop! I was obsessed with turning our backyard into what I wanted to look like a piñata shop. I think it was accomplished thanks to my very fabulous, bilingual friend April whom I hoodwinked into taking a trip to Santa Ana with me to bargain for piñatas. She got me the best deal and I came away from our crazy trip with a car load of about 15 piñatas. Score! I wish I could tell you exactly where we got them, but I honestly don’t even think the store had a name. To keep things consistent, I covered the centers with wrapping paper to hide the Disney characters. The smaller piñatas with the shiny streamers were from the 99 cent store! Another total score! We filled the biggest piñata with candy… but we’ll get to that part of the party later this week.The tables were a mash up of succulents in low boxes (boxes from the Container Store, succulents from the farmer’s market for $1 a piece.), the “Pitas”, and of course, the MDRPs. Are you thirsty yet? Because we had plenty to drink……and a drunk monkey to boot! Or maybe water is more your speed.Belly up to the bar!I had signs everywhere bossing people around.Anyway, let’s start buttoning up this post…For favors, I figured the kiddos could just take their piñata stash home, but I also wanted to leave them with something a little more memorable. I sent files to the fabulous Peter at KJW Buttons on Etsy. He was such a pro, made these guys so fast, and has great prices so if you’re in the market for favors like this, you should absolutely work with him!I had no idea if buttons would be a good kid party favor but they were a total hit. I put them outside where they were readily accessible and everyone – adults included – wore them throughout the night. Out of 50 sets, we only had 2 left over! It was so cute! Everyone got so creative. My mom even made earrings and a bracelet out of them.And look how cute they looked on the birthday boy!Okay – phew! I honestly cannot believe how much more there is to write about! I’m stopping for the day but come back tomorrow for more!


27 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 1)

  1. Hee hee, pita. You SOOOO crack me up!!!! Genius idea to cover the Disney pinatas, I went through 2 attempts to make mine this weekend. I love, love the button idea. You must share with us the tut on that one. Part 1 was awesome, can’t wait to see more. I suddenly feel the urge to own a flag.

  2. omg — I don’t even know how to say anything else right now . . . well, except maybe this observation: it might not be cheaper to just hire you to do the whole dang party when I need it, but I’m seriously considering that option . . . stay tuned, you incredibly gifted, clever woman! (thank goodness you invited so many, a small adorable bunch of three-year-olds could never give you the credit you richly deserve for this one!)

  3. amazing! This party belongs in some very cool party/art museum!!!!

    Happy birthday Mr. Brooks. 333333333333! and as they say in Denmark….Congrats to his Mommy-Cakes.
    (tradition to congratulate the parents when a child has a birthday…….makes sense to me!)

  4. With every post I find myself deeper and deeper in obsession with all of your ideas and inspirations. But … as if I didnt anticipate it already… from part 1, I can tell that this week will for sure take the “cake”. Dont be surprised if you find PITA being the new cool word:) Love it all and cant wait to see the next parts!!

  5. Okay, I kinda don’t totally “get it”, but if anyone can pull off a Monkey Donkey Robot Pinata party, it’s YOU!!!! 🙂 It looks great and the details completely make up for the fact that I’m not sure why they go together. Can you share where you got the inspiration? A wacky fairytale? An indecisive 3 year old? 🙂 Seriously, it doesn’t really matter, because you pull it off!

    • Ha ha! Thanks Jen! You hit the nail on the head with the “indecisive 3 year old” thing – I totally didn’t explain that, did I? Here are the invites where I explain it a little better… But I should probably go back in and explain it, huh? Thanks for your fun words!

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  9. This is absolutely insane. But awesome. Awesomely insane. I love your committment to a theme. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think my favorite part is the signs. Or all the statues and chotchkes.Or the pinatas. I dunno, I love it all. I bet that birthday boy was thrilled!

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  11. Hello!

    I adore all the details of this partyy!! just amazing!!…specially the buttons,,,can you please share where do you ordered them from?? or if you got the special machine and made them yourself???

    thanks!! xo

  12. That’s so funny. I’m 42 and growing up my dad kept threatening to get me a T-shirt that said PITA on it. lol

    Really cute ideas. You do parties like I do. My family asks me every year, “How are you going to top that next year?” So far so good as my kids are 6 and 9. 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!

  13. the person you used for buttons no longer exist on etsy .. i wanted to make these for my son’s party .. do you have the person’s info still?

  14. the person you used for buttons no longer exist on etsy .. i wanted to make these for my son’s party .. do you have the person’s info still???

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