3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 3)

And now, for the “photobooth” for lack of a better term. The entryway in our house has proven to be the perfect spot for photo backdrops and this round, we set it up there again.You can kind of see the set-up in the photo above.We set up a “Prop Shop” on the stairs and just had a few signs to hold, along with a couple robot heads, a piñata on a stick, a monkey mask, and a donkey mask. Suuuuuuuuper creepy looking but I kinda wanted it to be strange and not cute. The weirder the better. The boys and I made those robot heads together. Shocking right? I mean they look sooooooo professional. Hee hee!I set up a tripod and actually got a cordless clicker for the camera which is pretty legit. I put it in an envelope on the stairwell and put a big keychain on it so that it would be easy to find.What we ended up getting was pretty classic!I love the one with the birthday boy and all the ladies! And now… loads of photos!Whew! Take a break… now go back for more…Okay… one more time: Say Cheese!Oops! I lied! There’s more!Back to the technical bit of it all, and because I get this question alot, I hung the fabric using a flag pole with the ball screwed off. A PVC pipe would work even better… I just had a flag pole on hand. Just sew the fabric to make a hole at the top and string the tube through. I put a rope through the pole and tied it on hooks I put into the walls. I don’t recommend putting silly hooks in your walls either, but since we set backdrops up enough here, I thought, what the heck. The hooks are staying. I love that there are two kids in that robot head. Well…  that’s that! Photobooth day complete! Tomorrow some really wacky games! Happy Wednesday!

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8 thoughts on “3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 3)

  1. Can you tell me what your paint color is in your home? I am in the process of painting our home, and I can’t find that perfect color 🙂

  2. You do all that and manage to find time to change into the cutest outfit ever??? HOW? Haha love the chevron, love the Prop Shop, don’t love the creeptastic donkey & monkey masks 🙂 haha.

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