3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 5)

If you’ve made it through MDRP Week, I salute you! Thanks for coming along as I dissected every last detail of this party. It was a blast at times. It was a Pita at times. The main thing is that my little boy turned 3 and I am ever thankful for every day I got to spend with him over the last 3 years. If a Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata party is what celebrates that fact best, so be it!I leave you now with the thank you notes we sent out to all of our party peeps. I especially want to thank my insanely creative and helpful mom, Miss Crafty Jan for everything she did! I don’t think I mentioned this, but she printed and cut just about everything for me! (She has a laser printer and I don’t so I would shoot her a file and she’d print it.) It was SUCH a help! She was another set of stylish eyes, she sewed all the tablecloths, assured me that buying ceramic donkeys and tossing tortillas were totally great ideas, made all the fun paper wheel things (like what was on the front door), and even put all those teeny tiny buttons onto the paper favors. She and my fabulous dad watched my kids when I needed time to create and I honestly don’t know what I would do without their help. Also, thank you again to my friend Steph for taking such great photos! All the best ones are hers. A big thanks to my sister Ellie who is always such a help when it comes to party days – she was taking photos for me like it were her own kiddo’s birthday (and she feels like he is, which is even cuter!) A huge thank you to my mother-in-law Sally who restocked food all night when I was having too much fun to even notice it was empty. An enormous frickin’ gracias to my amazing huz Brett who not only puts up with this crazy train, but climbs on aboard. I love it and I love you! And finally, thanks to all of you for reading, for your kind comments, and for your fun enthusiasm this week. It’s been such a blast for me! (Whoa! Just got Oscar speechy there! Sorry!) Have a beautiful first weekend of summer!
And a final “in case you missed it:” 
Pre-Party : Invitations
Idea Thief : Painted Rock Napkin Weights
Part 1 : Decorations
Part 2 : Dessert & Food
Part 3 : Photobooth
Part 4 : Fun & Games


One thought on “3rd Birthday Party :: Monkey Donkey Robot Piñata Theme (Part 5)

  1. LOVE the thank you notes! They are the sweetest…everything was perfectly adorable. Can’t wait for his fourth birthday!

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