Sip & See :: Pinwheel Theme

Who’s ready for some serious cute? My clever friend Katherine once again put together a smashing success of a stylish and fun party. Her daughter Carter was ready for her big debut and Katherine and her huz P.J. hosted a gathering to sip and see their wee one.Katherine is a very talented graphic artist and also has a great eye for parties. Duh! Look at this shindig! I can’t imagine how long making all those pinwheels must have taken!In addition to pinwheels, they used other spinning objects like hula hoops and tops as decor because their “hearts were spinning with joy” for Carter. How cute is that? Here’s the invite she sent:Pinwheels lined the path to their front door…… and showed up ON the front door as well! Another fabulous wreath! Wow!In the backyard, pinwheels floated overhead.I love the graphics here. It’s like what you see when a pinwheel spins super fast. Very clever and subtle.One of my favorite details was this loopy garland. Have you ever seen anything like this? I haven’t! Katherine, you might be starting a party trend here. What a great idea.Look how cool it looks! Love this view of the room. And how fun are the individual bowls for the Krispy Kremes?She seriously outdid even herself on this one. You may remember her other parties I posted on… the gingham gathering and the something sweet supper club dinner. I’m so thrilled she lets me share all these shebangs with you! Especially since I don’t often get to go girly in a house full of boys.And let’s end this party with the sweetest little guest of honor, Carter. Could you die over that pinwheel hairband? Katherine made it! Some people just have creativity in their soul. I’m spinning with excitement over this party! Thanks for sharing guys!


2 thoughts on “Sip & See :: Pinwheel Theme

  1. So so fun! And seriously, I just wanna squeeze those little cheeks! I’m not only in awe of the fabulousness of the party but she did it all with a teeny baby! Color me impressed.

    Cakes – can you check out her source for the astroturf?

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