Baby Shower Invitation :: Rock Star Theme

This past spring I had the pleasure of working on a Rock Star themed baby shower invitation for my friend Amy. In searching for inspiration, I came across the genius in Jessica of Modern Moments Designs’ rock star party she threw for her son. It’s probably the best party I’ve ever seen! Go check it out!Anyway, I looooooved everything about it and thought the stripes & fonts she chose were fabulous for the theme. I reinterpreted (ok! stole!) her ideas into a baby shower invitation complete with a rockin’ onesie that says “AB CD.”Stripes, houndstooth, black and blue… looks like a rockin’ party to me!
Invites and full party pack available right here in my Etsy shop.


20 thoughts on “Baby Shower Invitation :: Rock Star Theme

  1. OMgoodness! I think you and this creator came out of the same creative genetic pool…just checked her out… adorably cool-fun.

  2. I love the invites! I am putting on a baby shower for a friend and would love to do the invites. if you could let me know how to go about that I would greatly appreciate it!

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