Hi there friends!
I have decided to go on a little bloggy vacation. I think all the unfolded clothes, messy drawers, dirty children, and my ignored husband (sorry honey!) need a little more attention than I have been giving as of late. During this time, I will be working getting more goods up in the Etsy shop and trying to crank through the many orders for other projects I’ve gotten through this blog. THANK YOU all so much for reading and participating in this blog so far. I am so excited to see what comes of it and hopefully this little break I am forcing myself to take will make it even better when I return.
***Please note: I cannot take on any extra work or special orders at this time. I have the hardest time saying no to people, but please know that it’s not personal! I’m just too busy at the moment!*** If you order through Etsy, I will be able to complete those orders.
I’ll miss you! Not sure when I will be back, but might pop in a few times to say what’s up! Thanks again for all the love and hope you’re all having a very lovely summer!
(image found here.)


6 thoughts on “Vacay

  1. You are the best! thanks for inspiring us and even accommodating us on etsy! your ideas and persona rock = we are lucky to share the love with yoU!

  2. Sad for us…but great for you! Have enjoyed your blog from the start and look forward to whenever you return! Thanks for all the creative ideas and fun posts!

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