Boy’s Birthday Party :: Kung-Fu Dance Party Ninja Theme

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting Dancing at this party for our fabulous 6-year-old buddy Trent!Trent decided that he wanted to dress like a Ninja and have a Kung-Fu Dance Party. How great is that? I totally love the creativity there! Watching 6-year-old dancing ninjas shake it to the beat was quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.Trent’s parents Heidi & Brandon put on quite the party. They thought of everything and the kids were just blown away by all the fun stuff they got to do! “Do you Kung-Fu?” greeted you as you stepped through the door. And what Heidi initally bought as swords for the kids, turned into some really cool decor once she realized that the edges of the mylar blow-up swords actually scratch skin pretty badly. I thought they were perfect decorations. Heidi set up a table where the kiddos could make their own headbands out of a ripped sheet. They turned out so cute!I love how she printed out the martial arts logo & the yin yan sign so that they kiddos could copy them. It looked great!Before getting into the activities, let’s take a look at how cute everything was. The rice krispie sushi? Get out! Heidi found inspiration all over the web for this idea and there are so many different ways to do it. I love this way best personally! Swedish fish and fruit rolls?! Totally genius, cute, and funny!Lanterns, black and red plates and Hi-Water, and Hi-C (hee hee) were set up.How fun are these cupcakes?As favors, Heidi filled Chinese take out boxes with Chinese finger traps, a Chinese yo-yo, a fortune cookie, and Trent’s Kung-Fu Dance Mix CD. (I have been listening to it all week! What a great favor!)For the dance room, Heidi got three disco ball/strobe lights, tied red balloons to big black streamers and had the music on non-stop.
The kiddos loved it.Once everyone arrived and made their headbands, Warrior Training began.Kung-Fu Master Brandon (a.k.a. Trent’s dad) gave his “little ninjas” a mission – to find “the mysterious cole.” He didn’t explain anything else about what they were looking for but he told them that they would have to go through Ninja training in order to find it.He walked all of them to a nearby park, and two by two he had them learn how to punch and kick……then chop through a piece of styrofoam which was a TOTAL hit! Are you kidding me? Wouldn’t you have loved to do this as a kid?And finally he put on a sword ceremony for them and gave them all kid-friendly foam tubes so that they would be able to attack the hidden ninjas and find “the cole.”He had two of his friends dress up like ninjas and hide on the beach. As he lead them down to the beach, they attacked the evil ninjas and discovered “the cole” which was a new surfboard for Trent… his birthday present from his mom and dad! (Cole is the shaper’s name.)It was hilarious and adorable watching the kids learn from the master and Brandon did such a cute job with them. The ninjas came back hungry so they recharged with kung-food before dancing, hitting a piñata, and playing more. It honestly was such a fun theme! I’ve never seen so many boys focus that hard before! I think their parents must have been thrilled because they likely all went home exhausted!Here are the cutest ninjas in the land – Trent and his big sis Mia Rose. What a fabulous party!It was so fun to help with the paper stuff and I am hoping to get some ninja stuff in my etsy shop soon! Stay tuned and hi-ya!


6 thoughts on “Boy’s Birthday Party :: Kung-Fu Dance Party Ninja Theme

  1. Thanks for all you did to make this party such a hit! I’m so glad the kids had fun. It was a blast doing it with you! You are amazing.

    • Hi! It started off with “Kung Fu Fighting” and then was basically all current dance hits (kid-friendly). I think there is a song off the new Karate Kid soundtrack on there, Justin Bieber, and a bunch more fun ones! Anything that keeps the kids dancing, really!

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