2nd Birthday Party :: Cars & Trucks & Things That Go (Part 3)

The question I got most at the party was “Where did you get all these license plates?” I was glad to admit that I wasn’t crazy enough to go hunting for them just for the party (though I probably would have if I didn’t already own them, but no one needs to know that!) I actually started collecting them in high school and by the beginning of college I had all 50 states plus a few more to spare. They decorated every dorm/apartment I lived in throughout my college/early post-college years and have since been retiring in a nice little cardboard diaper box. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them for the party but once I saw them again, I knew they’d become a photobooth backdrop.Using rope, I just wove them together, top to bottom and tied them to a horizontal rope up top. The metal in the plates gripped on to the rope on it’s own, so I only had to use tape on the back of a couple of them.The pickle truck started out as a part of the area but soon got taken for some spins around the party. I actually was pretty bad at remembering to take photos of everyone before they left but you’ll get the idea with these pics, I’m sure!The reflective nature of the plates didn’t make for the best pictures but it was still a pretty nice backdrop for a party about wheeled vehicles.What cute little party guests!

The most important thing was that this kid was in Heaven……even if it was hard to get him to take a photo without a cake pop in his grill!Funny little man.
So that’s the booth! Coming up tomorrow – games & how the party got hopping! Stay with me!


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