2nd Birthday Party :: Cars & Trucks & Things That Go (Part 4)

It’s fun and games time peeps! The big event was the ‘piñata’ which was extra awesome because it was a no-bats-involved kind. Every kid had to pull a string and it was supposed to fall apart and drop candy that way.Good in theory but totally didn’t work at all. So we just broke it open with our bare hands. But, no bats means no broken faces, so it was a win in my book!I got these small bags from Oriental Trading Company, tied a Goldbug “grab bag” tag to them and the kids could grab candy to their hearts content.I hid a big Goldbug in the piñata and as an extra surprise, whoever found it got to take home the “Cars & Trucks & Things That Go” book itself. The sweet little girl who found it was so excited! I put that bookplate above inside.Aside from the piñata, there were no reals plans for games. I thought the road would kind of take care of the entertainment for the evening and turns out it did. The kids went bananas for it.The Pickle Truck was a hit with the littlest ones……and the big boys too!My mom, true to her fabulously wacky form, decided she’d dress like a crossing guard for the party which turned out to be a game itself!She led the kids on a parade around the house and it was hilarious!The box city was also good when it came to entertaining the kiddos……and the vintage “Town” on the tables was well played with.But the absolute best part of the night was the spontaneous dance party!Seriously! It was off the hook.For all the fun I have putting parties like this together, there is nothing better than when day is finally here and your friends are all having as big of a blast as the kids are. We had the best night ever! Thanks so much for coming along for the ride this week! I’m truly going to try to post more this year. I forgot how much fun this little blog can be.


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