Blogger Blessings… But I’m Bombarbed!

Dear wonderful peeps…
Well, how full of empty promises I am! I totally thought I would be able to post more this year but… but… well… no real excuses. Life just keeps getting in the way! Anyway, I have been absolutely bombarded with work this year which is a something I am so very thankful for. I am getting to chat and work with so many of you lovely people from all over the world and I’m beyond grateful for every comment, email, word of mouth references, and etsy convo and sale I get.

A very heartfelt THANK YOU!

I always try to get back to each fabulous person who takes the time to contact me, but lately I have been Slacker McSlackerson. I apologize if you’ve written me and you’ve gotten nothing but silence from me. I hope you all understand that my inbox gets full pretty quickly and if I wrote everyone back, I probably wouldn’t have time to feed my children, sleep, or even put on my clothes. I’m sorry. I still love you! Please don’t drink the haterade!

I have no idea who spiked the party punch over the last week or so, but I have had more requests for custom orders all at once than I ever have had. It’s not in my nature to say no. It’s really, really hard for me to turn down anyone, especially the best blog-readers in the world! I swear, you’re all so sweet! Please know I wish I could help you all out, but I think I am at capacity for work over the next few months. While my belly gets larger, my brain is surely getting smaller so I am not firing on all creative cylinders at the moment… why would you want a pea-brained pregnant lady doing your design work anyway? Hee hee!

So, though it never hurts to ask, please don’t take it personally if I have to turn down your projects. I feel so invested in all of you as readers and hearing about the ideas you have for your mom’s retirement party, your crazy 2-year-old’s idea of a birthday party, or your husband’s 40th, makes me so happy but also so sad that I can’t help with them all.

I love you. Don’t hate me. I will try to be a better blogger, better worker, better everything. Thanks for reading and I hope you stick with me… One day when my rascals are bigger, I will be your go-to-girl. For now, I will do what I can!

(Above: a sampling of some of the projects I’ve been consumed with… will share more about them when they are all complete!)


3 thoughts on “Blogger Blessings… But I’m Bombarbed!

  1. Annika, I don’t know how you do as MUCH as you do, I think you are incredible! All your blogger buddies will be here when you do have more time!
    p.s. no reply necessary!!

  2. Oh A — you are the cutest, most considerate blogger — and a gem of a creative person. Everyone will wait for you, knowing what fun it will be when you have the time to take us to all those amazing places in your brain! Meanwhile, any crumb we get will be one that inspires laughter and delight! Thanks so much . . . xoxo MB

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