Holidays :: Easter Table

So I have been super lazy when it comes to decorating for the holidays this year. I was trying to ignore Easter – especially since it was so close to St. Pat’s this year – but my 3 year old had other plans. “When are you going to put up the Easter things?” “Where are all those eggs?” Okay. Okay. Here you go kid!Remember these fabulous glitter eggs Crafty Jan whipped up last year? We’ll she’s back at it and I am now expecting her to make me some every year until my house is overflowing in beautiful glitterly eggs! They are so shiny and happy and just the ticket for Easter cheer.The problem about these is that they don’t stay this cute for long. The boys have gotten to them and I fear that the crocodile and bird that were once part of the eggs are now part of our toybox. This table is nothing to write home about really, but if you’re looking for a cool table runner, Michael’s sells a moss one that I find divine and super useful for all types of parties. Go get yourself one!Place setting: Rattan chargers from Cost Plus, green plates from Ross of all places (got these when we lived in Hawaii and I think that the Rosses out there are more like Home Goods out here. Great for home items!), napkins from Tuesday Morning, Grosgrain ribbon napkin rings that my mom made, and bamboo weapons that you can’t see. So the kid got what he wanted. Easter. Even though it will only be up for 2 weeks total. Kids love seeing the house change and even though this pregnant, lazy girl did not want to play, I am happy I did seeing how excited the boys were to be playing with their (manned-up) Easter baskets and eggs. Oh and remember these FREE Easter & Spring banners from last year? Well, they’re still available! Make sure to print yours today! Hope you all have a great Easter!


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