Fourth of July :: DIY Flag Bunting

My favorite holiday is NEXT WEEK! Whoo hoo! Want an easy DIY to gear up for the red, white & blue? Okay.
First, secure yourself two young sons who like to rip American flags off their sticks. This might be my boys’ favorite thing in the world to do. Who needs a flag when you can just have a stick to poke your brother with? Over the years, I have found that my flag stash has dwindled and my stick stash has increased. Such little helpers, they are. Instead of stapleing the flags back to their ‘poles,’ I turned them into bunting for my mantle, which leads us to step two...
Grab doubled sided seam-binding like this, a sewing machine (or if you’re old school, a needle and thread…. or if you’re new school, a glue gun) and sew the remnant flags into fold of the binding. Simple, simple.
If you’re short on boys to help ruin your perfectly good flags, I’ve got two that are up for grabs over here!And if sewing isn’t your thing, you can always download this FREE ready made printable bunting from last year!  Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!
(To download click here: cakeslikesaparty_fourthofjulybanner )


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