Baby Shower :: Russian Nesting Doll Theme

Today I am sharing a really special baby shower with you! I think it might be the most darling thing you’ll ever lay eyes on… but I may be a bit biased. This is the “sprinkle” my mom, sister, and sis-in-law threw for ME! I was in shock and overwhelmed from the minute I opened up the invitation my mom made. (Ugh! Forgot to take pics of that but will get to it one day!) Also note that THIS WAS ALL THEM! Again, I had nothing to do with throwing this party… which was especially cool because I just got to show up, get spoiled, and have the best time ever with all of my local girlfriends. If you follow along, you’ll know that I have two young boys already, so to be surrounded by so much pink is a total thrill for me! When I walked up to the house, I knew I was in for a beautiful evening.Probably my favorite thing they did was create beautiful paper chains with a kick! How much do you love the detail on the pink paper? They turned the booth area into a little lounge and it just looked beyond darling. My mom covered the cushions and curtains with the same fabric I am using in my little lady’s nursery. They also kept with the navy blue & pink color scheme throughout.Steal this idea! It’s so dang cute! She has a craft punch that made that design in the pink paper. Talk about time consuming! Using all the blue & white ceramic pieces my mom has collected, they went heavy on pink hydrangeas and really went with a lush, layered, über-textured look throughout. I positively LOVED it!Everything was beyond adorable!Nesting dolls (or Matryoshka dolls) were placed throughout the house which now are living among the flamingos in my daughter-t0-be’s nursery. As you know by now, many of my close friends and family call me “Cakes” so they made the party for “Baby Cakes.” So so fun! My mom made that beautiful quilt and both darling pillows above for her newest granddaughter. I am obsessed.And here are the other lovely hostesses! Love these ladies!The mantle was filled with pretty presents for the little miss to wear. I cannot get over the adorableness of girly stuff!For favors, my mom made each guest a ‘babushka’ scarf thing for their hair. It was so cute to see everyone wearing them! And look how they displayed them… I thought they were pennant banners at first. Such a unique idea for a favor. Loved it!Everything foodwise was super cute!They even had a cotton candy machine – but of course we never took photos of the actual cotton candy! Oh well! It was darling… and I guess people gobbled it up before we could snap photos.My mom even tracked down my silver baby cup so she got to come to the party as well!Remember when I threw this party in that enormous power outage last year? Well, guess what? I must have that electric touch because an hour after the party began, the power went out for the rest of the night! Never fear! My mom has enough candles to light the entire state of California so the party continued through the dark! Totally hilarious! It was probably the only day in July that it’s rained in many, many years. That being said, it was still super hot and muggy. Super weird weather! But everyone kept saying how fitting it was that it “Sprinkled on my sprinkle!” True that!I cannot believe how lucky I am to have a shower like this thrown in my honor. I was truly overwhelmed by all the love surrounding my baby girl that night… so much so that I couldn’t sleep because I was so grateful. It makes me glad to know that this little lady will have so many wonderful women in her life to guide her and love her. What a stunning, fun, and wonderful night. I’m still welling up just thinking about it.


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