Welcome to Cakes Likes A Party. This blog has been a looooong time coming and it will be quite a journey from here. Soooo… in a nutshell, I am Annika and was nicknamed “Annicakes” by my cousins a long time ago. This tag has since been adopted by many of my friends, family, husband, and now my oldest son but has been shortened to “Cakes.”
I grew up with a mom who loved a good party, loved creating beautiful things, and loved her friends dearly. It must be in the DNA because I sure like a good party too.
I have a background in graphic design, most recently having worked for blogging lovelies Sugar Inc., and along with highlighting the parties I throw, I’ll chat about anything party-related and share invitations I’ve designed as well. Eventually I will link to my etsy shop where you will be able to purchase printable PDFs. In the meantime, feel free to contact me about helping out your party planning process. I’ve done everything from invites to renting out party packs.
If you’d like to advertise, that will be coming soon, so shoot me an email and I will keep you posted!
Anyway, let’s celebrate party peeps! I’m so excited that you’re reading this and hope you find some inspiration here at Cakes Likes A Party.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW Annika!!! I just saw this on the side of facebook…. did u start a business??? So awesome; finally advertising your amazingness!!! Good Luck (not that u need it), and Congratulations on Spreading your LOVE even further! May the journey of keeping the Parties and Celebrations Strong and Fabulous be both smooth and magical for you! Love Always, Kel.

  2. Annika…It is going to be so much fun to be able to tap into your creative genius by simply clicking on your website!!! This is a GREAT idea and I know it will be a huge hit!

  3. Thank you for starting your blog! I am a friend of Becky Schaefer and have beeing following you daily since you started your blog. Love it!!!

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  5. Hi Annika,
    I love all the stuff you’ve done! I ran across your 30 plus 1 Cuban themed party and love all of your ideas! I would love to get in touch with you regarding your invitation and the water bottle labels! I saw that you have an Etsy shop…can I purchase an invitation and water bottle labels from you on there? I’m totally sold!!

  6. Where can I find the song that is on the video. My granddaughter is having a “Lady Bug” party for her 1st birthday. I would love to have the song for her party.

  7. I would like to do the pink giraffes for my daughter’s baby shower. Where can I get them, how much and how soon?

  8. Annika! i didnt know but so glad I heard about your business! I love throwing parties like this and have ordered several from Etsy…had I known you would have been my #1 go-to! So let’s talk about planning Taryn’s 1st birthday party in February!!! See you soon, Maria

  9. HI, I love your cinco do mayo printables and would love to share them with my readers on Fiesta Resistance blog. Would that be ok? I just love you work.

  10. Hi! I came across your site purely on a whim and am so excited I did! You possess some qualities I know I have but don’t execute so well… If possible can you PLEASE share some of your expertise with me? I’m trying to figure out how to throw a cars/race themed birthday party for my will be 1 year old son and 3 year old daughter later this year. My challenge is not making it so boyish as my daughter just happens to LOVE cars (and not just the movie). Thanks so much!!

  11. I loved the bubbles themed party! So cute! I am planning my daughter’s 2 year old bubbles themed party. I would love info. Invites, personalized bubbles, bubble bath with tags, ribbons, etc. all the details! Thank you

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