Bachelorette Party :: Planning, Favors, Props

This past weekend, 14 of us girls flocked to Sin City to celebrate our friend Kasey who will be getting hitched this August. As Maid of Honor (I know… I’m a “Matron” but I really dislike that word) it was my job to set the trip up. The invites were sent out and money was collected to keep the whole shebang running smoothly.Each girl who made the trek was greeted to their room with a goodie bag. I got these gable boxes from Uline and they were perfect travelers because they fold flat then pop up. I printed a label to wrap around the box and voila! Instant goodie bag!Inside each was a bottle of water, sun chips, a pack of gum and a ring pop along with a feather hair clip I made and earrings I bought at Forever 21, then “repackaged”… you know, because yellow just didn’t go with the theme!We booked our plane tickets on Southwest which was key because we were each allowed to check 2 bags each for free. I packed one big bag full of all the favor items and one personal bag for myself. I had thought about purchasing all the water and snacks once we got to Vegas but I am so glad I just packed it all and could hit the pool as soon as we got there.We had a surprise lingerie shower for the bride-to-be after the pool on Saturday which made things fun… but the best gift she got was a book we all contributed our favorite memories to.I emailed the crew (even the girls who couldn’t make it and her mom) and asked them to send in one photo of themselves and Kasey, and either answer 5 out of 10 questions I sent (like “what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard Kasey say?” or “What do you like most about Kasey’s husband-to-be?” etc…) or gave them the option to just write their own special note to her. What we ended up with was about 30 pages of amazing memories. I think keeping things simple by asking for photos digitally and also for limiting the photos to one (or two) each got better results – as everyone is super busy and no one really likes homework, do they? Every girl sent something in and it was darling. I ordered the book through Blurb.I also brought thought bubble signs (see the top photo as well) to have people hold up throughout the nights on the town. And though the typical blow up man etc. isn’t my thing, it is very much the bride’s. Therefore, one of these very quiet men did accompany us on the trip. And what would a bachelorette be without a fabulous headpiece? For this amazing bride-to-be, I got her two. The smaller flower-veil combo was $6 bucks at Forever 21 and was perfect for the pool. At night, however, the typical veil would just not do… especially in Vegas where everywhere you look you see another bride-to-be. She needed to stand out! Kasey deserved nothing less than a full-fledged Vegas Showgirl Headpiece. It was a total hit! And it made this 5’0″ friend of mine about 7′ tall! I got it online at Miami Feathers and it was such great quality, I will totally be ordering more of these one day. (For what occasion is beyond me, but I need to find a reason! They are just that rad!) It was an amazing trip for an amazing girl!
Bachelorette party: check! Now onto the shower and finally the wedding! Keep the celebrations coming!


Bachelorette Party Invitation :: Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas, here we come! Remember my darling friend Kasey from this party? Well, it’s bachelorette time for this saucy minx and we’re heading to sin city! If you know this girl, you’ll understand how fitting a Vegas Showgirl is as the image on the invite. She’s simply fabulous! I printed all the information on the back of the invite and, as this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to planning bachelorette parties, I’ve learned that it’s a great idea to collect money from the gals up front. That way, everyone can just relax, have fun, and not worry about the tab. I purposely collected a little more than I think we will need so we can have a little more fun for “free” which generally keeps everyone pretty happy! I’m getting RSVPs & money in the mail everyday! How tempting it is to go shopping! Oh, but I guess I will settle on a trip with my girls to Vegas this May instead! More to come from the actual trip. We’ve got some fun up our sleeves that I’m excited to share with you!