3rd Birthday Party :: Donut Thief Theme

wydonut1 Well, hello! It’s been awhile, huh? I still have SO many other parties to blog about from this fall… a cute cowboy shindig, a girly dino party, and a few other get-togethers but  I guess this whole “3 kid” thing takes a little more time than I thought! Ha! Anyway… today I present to you my son’s 3rd birthday party! The theme? Donut Thief. inviteI was actually really excited about this theme since I saw a cool graphic for a thief at a restaurant in Boston about 4 years ago and I knew it would be perfect for the party. Along with the invite, we sent a donut that said “Have you seen me?” on the back and a robber mask.inviteback The goal of the party was to solve the mysterious caper of the disappearing donuts. It was a strange theme to work with but ended up being really fun to crank on. I should mention that both of my boys are obsessed with thieves. The reason? My sister had them at the beach when I was in the hospital having my daughter and her car was broken into. A policeman came and met them at the car and I think that they were entralled. From that point on, they cannot stop talking about thieves! Obsessed, I tell you!
So when asking him what kind of party he wanted this year, he said: “A thief birthday. And sprinkle donuts.” Okay.envelope So onto the party…door door2Crime scene tape, chains, gold bars, and money bags, along with a red flashing light took over the mantle. Crafty Jan helped gussy up the door sign, of course! mantle mantle2 mantlewileychain details Here’s an overview of the living room. overview I was hellbent on making a jail. I honestly went to Lowe’s 4 times before I finally pulled the trigger and just did it. I was trying to “keep it simple” and not go overboard so I would go in, get all the PVC pipes, decide against it, then leave. Finally I knew I wouldn’t be able to deal if I didn’t make the jail so I did it. It was actually a really fun project! I now am the proud owner of a pipe cutter if anyone around town is in need. slammer The kids all had fun putting each other in “The Slammer” and by the end of the night it turned into a GoGo dancing cage so it was sooo worth building! slammer2gold Donuts were hung above the windows:window
And you know me and food… Not my strong suit. For the kids, we had a “Parolee Pizza Parlor” and veggies.parolee pizza The police guarded the table quite nicely for us.playmobilFor the adults, we made “Crimefighter Chili”chilisign  chilibarchilibar2    donutcakeAnd since all he wanted were donuts on his birthday, that’s all he got! 100 donuts to be exact! And ALL of them were eaten! That should tell you the level of craziness at the party. donutthief donutcake2The “Bandit Bar” was fully stocked of course! (I think the adults may have had more fun than the kiddos!) bandit barwater And as favors we gave handcuffs and robber masks that they could take right away to play with. favors2favorboysMugshot time! bmugshot m&dUm… how hilarious are my parents? A policeman and a jailbird! Love these crazies! mugcous me&n mugshots wiley_mugshot granpasThe grandpas guarded the birthday boy! gs&n cuz “You look so good it’s criminal”… something positive for the bathroom. Who doesn’t like a compliment?bathroomOnto the games! Using leftover PVC pipe, I made a frame so that we could play the Donut Chomp game. We tied them up about an hour or so before the party and then put them in bags to keep the birds away. Well… if you leave a donut hanging for an hour or so, it will fall of the string. I guess this is one of those last minute prep things. By the time the party started, about half of these donuts were on the ground… donutchomphangingdonutThis is what I like to call: “Let’s all get the flu!” chomp2Because most of the donuts were falling, we played this game super early, before most of the kids got there. It was a hit!  chompingchomp3chomp4
When most of the kids had arrived, we decided it was time to catch that pesky Donut Thief. criminalclap
I nerded out and told the kids that in order to find the thief, we had to do the “Criminal Claps” which is where they followed my clapping patterns, the “Robber Run” which is where we would run slow, then fast, then slow. Then we had to do the “Swindler Shimmy” which was super cute to see 3-5 year olds shimmy! And finally we had to do the “Hooligan Hoedown” which is where Nicki Minaj took over for me and we all dance to “Starships.” After that, my husband peeked out from the side yard decked out at a thief with a donut box and all the kids had to grab him and put him in the slammer!singtowyI have to say, I was stoked when this part was over! If only I could have hired a thief impersonator to entertain the kids! Ha! I don’t think I have a future with the Wiggles!binslammerMy huz made quite the cute thief though! thumb3I also set up a craft… which I have to admit, I did not have high hopes that anyone would do based on other parties we’ve thrown, but I was surprised! All the kids dove right in! thumbart2We did “Thumbprint Art” and I just made up sheets to give them some ideas of what they could create.thumb5 thumbart3I wish I took a photo of the end products! There were so many cute pieces of art. thumbart1 And finally, we set up an outdoor movie on a sheet in hopes that at least SOME of the kids would chill! They did! I wish I took photos of all of them cuddled up but I honestly didn’t know where my camera was most of the night and I was having too much fun to care. The movie? Robin Hood of course! Only the best kid’s thief movie ever!theater usfamAnd if you didn’t catch it before… yes we dorked out and all dressed like thieves. One day this family of mine will revolt! I just know it! Until then… we’re a big bunch of party lunatics. us wycuteThis sweet boy of mine had a great night… which is all that really matters. I just loved the theme he chose. And I have to say, parties are only as fun as the people who come to them and we are truly blessed with the people who come to ours. Super grateful for our amazing friends and family.  partyingviolationThe last detail? I snuck out and put “Partying Violations” on everyone’s car before they left the party. Apparently it almost gave a few people heart attacks at first, but I think it was pretty funny!
Wiley is 3! The party is done! And this mama’s got her house back after having it decorated for something or another since October! Whoo! Happy New Year everyone! Hope to write more posts soon!


It’s A Wrap :: Monkey & Fish Wrapping Ideas

Crafty Jan has had a busy wrapping season! My sister and I always tap into her talents in this department. And when she makes presents too cute to unwrap, why wouldn’t we? Above is a gift she wrapped for my son’s birthday. Love how she popped the monkey up and gave him a flag.And here, bubble wrap, a fish bowl and glitter letters make this present cuuuuuuuuute. Crafty, crafty! And that’s a wrap!

It’s A Wrap :: Butterfly & Beachy Wrapping

Crafty Jan strikes again! We’ve been on the kiddo birthday party circuit for a couple weeks now and here are two of the adorable wrap-jobs I roped my mom into whipping up for me. She has gotten every cent out of her cricut machine, that’s for sure!Pink butterflies for the lady!And beachy fishes for the little man. I love those toy fishes on top. She just plopped them on there with glue dots. Good idea, huh?And that’s a wrap!

30th Birthday Party :: Bee Picnic

A couple weeks ago my sister Ellie, “The Bee,” turned 30! Yahoo! Instead of a big party, she and her huz opted to go to Vegas just the two of them. My mom, sister-in-law, and one of Ellie’s best friends, Brooke, couldn’t let her get away without some kind of celebration so we were planning on a midweek lunch with the birthday girl at my mom’s house. Little did we know what my mom really had in store for her… and us. A totally cute, surprise Bee Picnic. Since there were only 5 of us, my mom packed individually wrapped sandwiches, salad, and soup into one picnic basket. She set up a low beach table and we sat upon pillows to lunch and gab away.I personally couldn’t get over the sandwich bags. That Crafty Jan sewed muslin sacks and printed the bee graphic she designed on iron-on transfers. So darling! Totally stealing this idea. Or better yet… begging her to make them for a party I throw! Loving the detail on this napkin set up. A teeny bee on a wire was floating above the ribbon, and eco-friendly utensils and the cutest paper straw ever were poking right out. Perfectomundo!Totally adorable water bottles…
… and cute labels for the food.You certainly cannot go wrong with yellow tulips.
Throw in some mimosas and you’ve got yourself a very happy Bee-day girl!And what birthday would be complete without dessert? Loooove that thick candle.My mom even stole my niece right after Ellie arrived and dressed her up in a bee costume! It was such a cute, unexpected and super adorable birthday party. That Crafty Jan needs to have her own blog! Until that happens, I promise to keep showing off her darling parties and pretending like I had something to do with it! Here’s the happy birthday Bee!

Idea Thief :: Ribbon Runners

Well holy guacamole. Easter is this weekend! And if you’re hosting a family gathering but are a little short on time to make things springy and sweet, just dig into your ribbon stash!Using complimentary ribbons, weave them over a table. You can get as crazy as you want and cover the whole thing – or stay simple and just highlight the corners like these photos show.Simple, easy, and pretty.Crafty Jan saves Easter! (Another one of her party tricks!) Now you can just spend your time figuring out what the heck you’re going to stuff into your kiddo’s Easter baskets. I recommend lots and lots of peeps. Then send them off to grandma’s house to work off that sugar. Just a suggestion.

How To :: Make Glitter Easter Eggs

Here’s a Crafty Jan special hot off the racks! GLITTER EGGS! Yahoo! Wanna join me in making these? Okay! Come on along!You’ll need to gather your gear. You really can’t go wrong with that crafty broad Martha Stewart’s glitter and glue, but any tacky glue should be just fine. I’d still stick to her glitter though – and the bigger the egg the more glitter you’ll need.You’ll need to find some paper-covered cardboard eggs. They are super cute in their own right, so you might have trouble covering them. Poor bunny up there doesn’t have a clue he’s going to be pounded with glitter in a matter of seconds! You can usually snag these guys at discount stores like Tuesday Morning, sometimes Home Goods, and usually Cost Plus World Market around Easter time. Just keep an eye out. Or google them. I think they go by “German paper-covered cardboard eggs.You’ll also need a variety of trimmings. Ribbons, buckles, wordy banners and knick knacks – whatever you have on hand or whatever you can scoop up at a craft store. (You won’t need all of this stuff… just showing you an example of what you can use but really the sky is the limit!) I love the purple foil trim up there but we’re not sure where it came from.Now, crack that egg and brush some glue onto it.Reconnect the egg before dousing that bad boy with glitter. What a pretty mess you’ll make!Now look what you did! Stupendous! Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at the midsection… you’ll be putting trim on that area in a second.Now measure the bottom half of the egg and cut a ribbon to fit. Wait until the egg is dry, then using tacky glue or a glue gun – whichever you’re most comfortable with – glue it onto that half.For the top half, leave two ribbon pieces pretty long and glue each ribbon to either side. Make sure it matches up with the ribbon on the bottom half. Remember that you are going to want to open this egg, so make sure you don’t wrap the whole egg in ribbon. (You can see the two halves they way they should look in the lower photo up there.)Take those long ribbons and tie a pretty bow on top.Now with either a glue gun or a smaller glue pen, glue each edge of the egg one side at a time so you can add some fun trimming.Trim one side, then repeat the glue+trim thing on the other side.Add something funky to the top! This “Easter Greetings” was just printed on plain old 20 lb. paper cut to look like a banner.And look what you made, you sassy little glitter bug! Glitter eggs! Yahoo! What a fun way to wrap an Easter gift too! You know like candy? toys? $100 bills? (Hey Easter Bunny, did you hear that?)Here are some more inspiring eggs for your viewing pleasure! I love how that yellow one turned out… it was actually a happy accident. The pattern underneath really came through since the glitter was so light but I think it made it even prettier. And those daises are too cute, right? As toppers anything works! Check out that blue lizard! So fun for a little boy’s basket. Clever, clever Crafty Jan strikes again!

It’s A Wrap :: Circus Tent Wrap

Here’s another Crafty Jan special! My mom wrapped an enormous present for our friend Chelsea who had a circus-themed baby shower. I don’t know if you can tell by the photo how large this is, but it is a honker of a present! I think we gave her a jumparoo or something big like that if that helps you gauge the size.
The best part about this one was that it was interactive. Open the tent doors to find a three ring circus going on! Clever, clever. 
And of course, she put one of her signature flags on top! Wouldn’t you be excited to get a present like this?
Chelsea’s shower was over the big-top adorable! I’m going to track down photos and show you what her mother-and-sisters-in-law came up with. It will blow your mind!
Thanks for the photos Chelsea! Can’t wait to share more!