How To :: Make A Paper Party Flag

Hello party peeps! Today, with the help of Crafty Jan, I am going to teach you how to make a really simple paper flag. I love this concept so much because you can do so much with it! But we’ll talk about that in a sec. Now, let’s figure out how to make this bad boy.Gather your gear, my dears! You’ll need:
a small wood dowel or a fruit skewer
a wooden bead
tacky glue
pretty glitter (oh that Martha strikes again… she does make the prettiest glitter.)
assorted ribbons
double stick tape (or a trusty tape gun)
paper or design to use as the flag about 8.5″ x 2.75″ – I print on standard 20lb paper so it waves like a flag should!
and a paper plate to catch any messy mess
Crafty Jan makes these a ton so she’s got some great time-saving tricks. So what are we waiting for? Let’s hop to!
1. Dip the tip of your skewer into the glue bottle. So clean and easy! I probably would have poured glue all over the plate. No waste! Love it.
2.  Now put that wood bead onto the glued part of the skewer. Now this is important info right here: WAIT until that glue dries or you will lose that bead on the next step. Isn’t waiting so dang hard?  3. All dry? Okay, now dip the ball into the glue.
4. What you’ve got is a nice little gluey mess. 5. Now use your fingers to make the glue less messy and more uniform.
6. Get ready to dip into the glitter!
Same way as dipping into the glue! No mess!7. Out comes a pretty glittered ball. Nice work, Lady! (Or do dudes read this blog too? In that case, nice work to you too, Dude!)
8. Now leave that pretty ball alone. Find a nice place for it to hang out for a bit while we get to the next part. 9. Grab your pretty paper or flag design.10. Now you’ll need to make a little flag cut. An easy way to do this is to gently fold – but NOT crease – the flag at it’s center…
11. …Then snip it diagonally so you’re left with…12. …Something like this!13. Now grab your tape! You’ll need to tape the back of squared edge of the flag. Make the taped area about 1″ or so wide.
14. Fold the taped portion around the skewer. Easy enough, right?15. Make sure you leave a little room between the flag and the glitter ball. This space will be used for ribbons!
16. Speaking of ribbons… grab a few of your favs and either pinch the center of each ribbon together or tie it in a knot.17. Tie the ribbons onto the flag with using your smallest ribbon. Baker’s twine is actually a great option because it’s thin and looks super cute, but you can make anything work!And what do you know? You’re all done! So cute! Now what can you do with a flag like this?
Oh no, no! The question is what can’t you do with a flag like this? They make fun additions to flower arrangements or wine bottles if you need a hostess gift, they’re great for birthday gals or guys, small versions would be darling as place cards, they are cute for the holidays as decorations, and my sister even used one and mailed them out as her daughter’s baby announcement. (If you do want to mail them, lose the bead and just use ribbons. It will mail better and be less expensive to send.)
Have fun creating, friends, and thanks Crafty Jan for your tutorial!
Now let’s all wave our flags as I wave bye bye!


It’s A Wrap :: Pretty Ribbons & Boxes

Crafty Jan strikes again. I pretty much never wrap any gift I give if my mom’s available to help. This time she wrapped my and her gift for Kari’s shower using beautiful ribbons.I’m really not crafty when it comes to things like this, but I think this is something you could recreate. The key is in a cute box. She picks up boxes like these wherever she can find them but I would start at Target and see what you can find.Then wrap those pretty ribbons all over the box and you’ve got yourself a little piece of art. (It’s pretty enough without the giraffe so don’t fret if all you’ve got are ribbons.)Speaking of ribbons, make sure you cut on the diagonal or in a V shape. A straight cut just doesn’t do it for me.Here’s a monochromatic look at another gift this crazy lady wrapped. So sweet, right?Pretty box + pretty ribbons = pretty present. Nice job, Jannie!
Oh and what’s that you say? You’re curious about that adorable flag? Okay, okay. I’ll teach you how to make one of those next week! Have a good one!

It’s A Wrap :: Shower Gift Wrapping

With all the parties you go to, you certainly can’t arrive empty-handed! So why not make your gift something to gab about? When it comes to wrapping presents, I have to say that my mom is the master. She’s such an outside-the-box thinker and literally turns gifts into works of art.Using her trusty Cricut machine, bubble wrap, a bathtub ducky, sparkly paper, and her uber-creative brain, she turned this huge boxy shower gift into a feast for the eyes. I won’t attempt to deliver directions on how to recreate something like this. I’ll be posting her creativity for inspiration purposes and to show that if you just stretch the imagination a little, you can create something truly unique.Here’s a much simpler, but still darling example of her work. Crowd pleasers to be sure! Happy wrapping! If you have any questions, go ahead and post them… I can try to answer as best I can.
**And quick side note, I am going to add a category on the right that is devoted strictly to the things she does. You’ll be able to reference her under crafty jan.**