Fourth of July :: DIY Flag Bunting

My favorite holiday is NEXT WEEK! Whoo hoo! Want an easy DIY to gear up for the red, white & blue? Okay.
First, secure yourself two young sons who like to rip American flags off their sticks. This might be my boys’ favorite thing in the world to do. Who needs a flag when you can just have a stick to poke your brother with? Over the years, I have found that my flag stash has dwindled and my stick stash has increased. Such little helpers, they are. Instead of stapleing the flags back to their ‘poles,’ I turned them into bunting for my mantle, which leads us to step two...
Grab doubled sided seam-binding like this, a sewing machine (or if you’re old school, a needle and thread…. or if you’re new school, a glue gun) and sew the remnant flags into fold of the binding. Simple, simple.
If you’re short on boys to help ruin your perfectly good flags, I’ve got two that are up for grabs over here!And if sewing isn’t your thing, you can always download this FREE ready made printable bunting from last year!  Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!
(To download click here: cakeslikesaparty_fourthofjulybanner )


Holidays :: Easter Table

So I have been super lazy when it comes to decorating for the holidays this year. I was trying to ignore Easter – especially since it was so close to St. Pat’s this year – but my 3 year old had other plans. “When are you going to put up the Easter things?” “Where are all those eggs?” Okay. Okay. Here you go kid!Remember these fabulous glitter eggs Crafty Jan whipped up last year? We’ll she’s back at it and I am now expecting her to make me some every year until my house is overflowing in beautiful glitterly eggs! They are so shiny and happy and just the ticket for Easter cheer.The problem about these is that they don’t stay this cute for long. The boys have gotten to them and I fear that the crocodile and bird that were once part of the eggs are now part of our toybox. This table is nothing to write home about really, but if you’re looking for a cool table runner, Michael’s sells a moss one that I find divine and super useful for all types of parties. Go get yourself one!Place setting: Rattan chargers from Cost Plus, green plates from Ross of all places (got these when we lived in Hawaii and I think that the Rosses out there are more like Home Goods out here. Great for home items!), napkins from Tuesday Morning, Grosgrain ribbon napkin rings that my mom made, and bamboo weapons that you can’t see. So the kid got what he wanted. Easter. Even though it will only be up for 2 weeks total. Kids love seeing the house change and even though this pregnant, lazy girl did not want to play, I am happy I did seeing how excited the boys were to be playing with their (manned-up) Easter baskets and eggs. Oh and remember these FREE Easter & Spring banners from last year? Well, they’re still available! Make sure to print yours today! Hope you all have a great Easter!

Christmas Decor :: Plaid

Okay! Here it is – my plaid house to match our plaid Christmas card. Nothing really groundbreaking here but thought I’d share it anyway.Don’t mind our friendly little Elf, Zero (his name!), he was hanging from the ceiling fan when I took these and I didn’t want to wait until he went back to the North Pole to snap away.I’ve realized that it’s best to keep the pressies away from my Tasmanian Devils sons so they live above the TV each year. That Crafty Jan needlepointed our boys’ stockings and they are truly pieces of art in my eyes. I almost don’t want our kids to touch them! I frame the infamous Santa photos each year and can’t wait I have a collection of 18 frames! (As if the boys will sit on that jolly man’s lap any time past the age of 9!)I find it hilarious how upset Santa makes these guys! Our (now very dead) tree is decked out in plaid as well. I forgot to snap photos of the stairwell which is decked out in lights and plaid, but by now you get the idea. It’s like a bagpipe player threw up in here! I’m hoping to share last year’s decorations and my mom’s house by Christmas but I am a serious ding dong these days so forgive me in advance if I can’t get my act together!
Merry Merry to each and every one of you!

Christmas Card :: Plaid Tidings!

Well hello MIA! I know I have been pretty lame when it comes to updating this blog, so I am making a quick fix for time being! Here’s our Christmas card this year – PLAID TIDINGS! Our house is also very very plaid and I hope to add photos of that soon. I have big plans of showing off my mom’s house as well. She is doing a Christmas gnome theme and it’s super cute!So stay tuned, Merry Christmas and more to come!

Halloween :: Tablescape & Decor

I’ve said it a million times, but this blog is really a showcase of my mom’s creativity! She blows me out of the water. Case in point, her Halloween decorations. The photos do not do this table justice, but it is the coolest set-up I’ve ever seen.I LOVE the pumpkins on candlestick holders. The black glasses are my favorite… I’ve been coveting them online for a long while so I am thrilled she just bought them. Totally stealing those soon!I love how she always just uses random pieces here and there. A huge key was used for a napkin ring and a white and black bandana was the napkin. Such a funky touch. I don’t think many people would have thought of a bandana for a Halloween tablescape but she just thinks like that. I love it.This particular day she was having a few friends over for dinner and made funky hats for each of them to wear. Yes she made that. And yes, she should sell them on Etsy. She served soup in skull votive glasses (this photo was taken before the soup was in it) and made eyeball caprese. Spooky!“Blood” shots to drink and Mummy dogs to eat rounded out the appetizers. It sounds like they had a great time.One of the things she copied from pinterest were these totally adorable witch feet made from an umbrella that hung over her sink. I totally love this. Her mantle always looks incredible. This hutch greets you as you walk through the front door. I love the blue plates mixed with all the Halloween stuff.Pumpkins on sticks to finish up. She’s insane. Hope you got some fun ideas for your Halloween party!

Halloween Party :: A Bewitching 60th Birthday Party

Tis the season to share parties I threw about 2 years ago! Well before this blog was even a glimmer in my eye, my ‘bewitching’ and fabulous Mother-in-law Sally turned 60. Of course we were going to throw her a well-deserved party! And lucky for me, her birthday has a built in theme. She was born on October 31st. Why fight that when it’s so fun to be bewitching?!When it came to decor, I was (and always am) very lucky to be able to steal from my mom. While we wanted to go with the Halloween theme, we wanted it to be more chic & girly rather than spooky. Breaking out black and white toile tablecloths and black crystal chandeliers helped keep it more “Sally-esque!” My mom made the centerpieces and I still adore this idea! Putting a real white pumpkin on a stick was so fresh and the bright flowers around it made the table feel more feminine.Each guest was given a bewitching hat to wear which was tied to the back of each chair. The cute thing was that everyone wore them nearly the entire time! I hope I am that cool at 60! Sally got a really pretty witch hat and a feather boa which she rocked like only she could.I think there were nearly 20 guests so we mixed and matched plates & pumpkin bowls my mom happens to own which made for a funky effect. Dessert was served……candy was collected…And Crafty Jan made these frickin’ phenomenal candy cones as favors. I wish I had taken better photos, but trust me it’s pretty cute. It was such a great theme for the best Mother-in-Law in the world. Look how cute she is there right in the middle with her boa. See? Rocking it! (And PS: If it appears that I had eaten 25 burritos in one sitting in this photo, please note that I was veeeeeeeeeery pregnant at the time.) Yay for Halloween birthdays and bewitching ladies!