2nd Birthday Party :: Pirate Theme

Before I get going on this post, please note that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT! I am going to include all I know about the party, but won’t be able to tell you much else if you have additional questions. That being said, I simply had to share how friggin’ adorable this party for my nephew Nolan and his cousin Matthew was! These little boys turned into birthday pirates for the day and their moms – my sis-in-law Kelly and her sister Kristy, put on such a totally darling bash for them. Starting with dessert first, how cute are these cupcakes? They got them and personalized birthday cakes from French’s Bakery in Costa Mesa and topped them with toppers from Top It Cakes & Cupcakes. So dang darling, don’t you think?My absolute favorite part of the party was that they turned the table into a pirate ship. Kelly & Kristy’s parents saw the idea on pinterest and whipped up the COOLEST table topper ever! I love how they used a plastic plant container as the look-out on the mast. So rad.Another darling touch? They built a hill on the beach in front of the house and put a huge pirate flag in it. The kids went bananas for it. What a fun, simple, and totally entertaining activity for the little ones.They also buried a kiddie pool into the sand so that the kids didn’t even need to climb over the sides. So cool!Unfortunately, I can’t find the invite right now to take a photo of how darling they were but Kristy’s designer friend, Christina Merry, did all of the paper items and stickers. They were BEYOND darling. They bought the paper goods, flags, and party favors at Target or Amazon.com. So many fun pirate things!They made individually packaged lunches for “Captains” (adults) and “First Mates” (kids). So cute and so easy to eat wherever you happened to land.The pirate props were a HUGE hit! My boys still talk about being “Captain Hook!” And the favors were banana-boats! Kristy works at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and was able to gift all the kids the most amazing hardcover pirate books! I was floored! (Especially since I give dollar store favors at our parties! Ha!)As always, I wish I took more photos, but when you’re chasing rugrats around a beach and every day I get closer to meeting my daughter, I feel slower and slower, the camera gets pushed aside! It was such a darling party! Argh!


1st Birthday Party :: Bouncing, Balls, Balloons, & Fun

My friend Lindsey approached me a couple months ago with a great idea for her son Ryan’s first birthday. She had been searching for invites that included the themes of balls, balloons, and bouncing – since they were getting a bounce house – but couldn’t find just what she liked. She was a joy to work with because she was set on her vision – which makes my job so much easier! I created some printables for her (available to purchase right here), but she was the true party genius here. Everything looked SO bright and FUN! I didn’t know that they made frosting so bright! They matched the color of the balls so perfectly.She set up a blow up pool with balls for the little ones, had a bouncy house for the big kids, had the most amazing face-painter to keep the kids (and Ryan’s cute dad Marc!) happy, and had a crafting station where the kids made necklaces out of Froot Loops. It was a smashing success. Above every doorway was a garland of bright paper balls she strung together. From the front door, it looked so darling. Here’s shot of the Froot Loop table, but what I love most is her genius use of balloons. Are those helium, you ask? Oh no! How smart is this? She blew them up and taped them to the ceiling. This is brilliant on a lot of levels… no need to rush to a balloon store the day of, but also you can leave your doors open, let the breeze in and the balloons stayed put throughout the party. I am SO stealing this idea! So so so smart!She framed photos of her sweet boy in bright frames and placed them all over the house. I really love first birthdays with little touches like this. There is something so dear about that first year of life and I get choked up looking at baby photos! It’s like the end of an era… he’ll never be a baby again… so it’s sweet to honor that first year.Another thoughtful touch was that she painted a birthday plate just for him that he will use every year on his big day. His two big sisters each have their own as well. She displayed it by the food and it just made me happy. What a great idea and dear memento he’ll get to keep forever. She used bright gumballs as decor and even replaced the candles in their sconces with balls. What a cute touch!Chevron fabric anchored the food.And she even tracked down “RYAN” soda! How perfect… and in bright colors too! They must have known she was throwing a party!Each kiddo went home with bubbles and I have to tell you, this was one of the most fun parties my little guy has been to. He loved all the activities and bright colors. And it didn’t hurt that his buddy’s dad turned himself into a tiger for the day! Isn’t this the cutest party? Great job Linz! (And Marc! I am sure you were enlisted to help as well!)

3rd Birthday Party :: Chicken Robot Theme

My friend Anne of Society Picnic also got a very interesting request from her 3 year old son for his birthday party… He wanted a to include his favorite things: chickens, robots, chocolate milk, a big hill,  remote control cars, and their our chocolate lab Cashy-Bear. What is it with 3-year-old boys and suuuuuuper funny themes? I’m glad to know I’m not alone in having funky parties! Anne did her best to make his dreams come true and the party was a stunner! I loooooooove the cute photo booth area… The banners above say “In a Perfect Day For Gray There Would Be…” and all the kids would hold pictures of things he loved. Too clever! For more stunning photos, click here

1st & 3rd Birthday Party :: Olivia The Pig Theme

I have been chomping at the bit to show you this insanely perfect birthday party. My friends Steph & Matt threw their kiddos Rylie (3) and Mason (1) a joint birthday bash that is TO. DIE. FOR. darling!Steph approached me a few months ago to help with the paper goods, and knowing how stylish and fun she is, I jumped at the chance. Her daughter Rylie is obsessed with Olivia The Pig and though Steph wasn’t really keen on throwing a “character birthday” at first, she dove in and made it hip, cool, and decidedly un-character-centric. She had me focus on red & white stripes like Olivia’s tights with a kick of blue to tie in the boy vibe. Her challenge was trying to figure out how to make an “Olivia” party work for both a boy and girl… Thank goodness Olivia has a little brother… so we added him to the invitation. It worked out perfectly! One of my absolute favorite things I have ever seen is how she made characters more like art by drawing them in chalk on black paper. How insanely genius is that? Totally copying this one day! It totally upped the style of the party while giving her kiddos the characters that they love so much. Win-win! Mom gets a good looking party, kids get Olivia and Ian. Perfection!Look how cute!Another fabulous and totally big impact punch was the way she hung letters from the ceiling that read “Rule #100: Red is the best color for absolutely positively everything.” I am so glad she tried this Idea Thief idea though she said it was the Pita of the party. (What’s a Pita? Read this post to refresh your memory.) It was worth all the curse words, because it turned out smashingly. The dessert table was styled to perfection! Those cakes? Seriously to die for! And the best deal ever apparently. If you’re in the San Diego area, you’ve got to check out The Crimson Cake in Encinitas. She made red & white striped tablecloths out of fabric from Ikea and I love how she put Olivia books on each of the food & drink tables. Such a nice way to tie in the theme. I am still doing back flips over those chalkboard characters though! Too cute!Um, can you get over the cookies & milk set up? No? Me neither. Straw through the cookie = fabulosity. Cake pops? Check. Love that they were stick side up. Super cute and no styrofoam to deal with. Red, white & blue strawberries? Perfect for the theme!Steph had me create “Rule” signs to place around the house. I guess Olivia has really funny rules on the TV show. They looked so cute throughout the party.Olivia & Ian only popped up in a couple unexpected places, like the flowers. So brilliant and subtle.
The drink station was adorbs. Love how they put the glasses in the front drawers of that table.And let’s just talk about this photobooth set-up for a second? “Say Oink!” hung about the peeps and thought bubbles on sticks shouted out birthday blessings to Rylie & Mason. Can you get over how cute that foursome is? It’s like looking at a cool Barbie & Ken’s family! Too darling!
The birthday kiddos had the best day and the time, love and energy you guys put into this was not lost on anyone there. It was beyond adorable!
How cute are they?Everyone got to take home a bag o’ sugar on their way out! But who would want to leave a party like this? I sure didn’t! What a way to celebrate two very darling birthday piggies! All of these stunning photos (except for the two bad ones I took) are by Elizabeth Patton who happens to be Steph’s very talented friend. Absolutely great work to all involved! Yay for great parties!

Not My Party :: Lego/Pirate Themed Birthday Party

There is so much to love about this “Lego/Pirate” birthday party that Ashley of Not Without Salt threw her two sons. How about it’s apparent simplicity? I say “apparent” because what she put together for these boys is far from simple! But the total effect is clean, beautiful, and simply cool. How about the simple two palate color scheme? How about the fact she made the lego pinata herself? How about that she had the boys go bananas with paint on a dropcloth then stitched it up into bunting? How about how she took a lego/pirate theme and made it seem elegant? This party is just beyond words. I adore every detail. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Ashley is pretty much a famous chef and the food she served looked to die for? Yep. She’s that amazing. Head over to her blog to see what I am talking about. So much more eye candy for you there!
Ahhh… This was Not My Party but how I wish it were.

Not My Party :: Fishy Lunch

I just found this fabulous blog called La Decoracion De Mis Mesas – which I believe loosely translates to mean “My Table Decorations” and I think the lovely lady behind this blog is named Marta. It’s all in Spanish so I am winging it here… Point is, she is fab! I honestly love how she used a small mason jar of water below the hanging fish. So creative!I translated her blog online and I think she said that she just threw this adorable lunch together at the last minute for a few friends who happened to pop by. Are you kidding me? So many things I love here. And those napkins? Adorable right? She has a tutorial on how to make them right here. (Hope you speak Spanish!)I think she wrote (again, I’m translating here) that she just tied those funny little pieces of fabric on those popsicle sticks then threw them into wine glasses because it just looked cute. It’s not like you need to stir your wine! I actually really adore useless creative details like that. It’s fun for fun’s sake, you know? No other reason required!
I love how this little lunch manages to be simple, chic and funky at the same time. I feel like it’s what you get when a grown up and kid hug. The best parts of both worlds. Just fab! I can’t wait to follow this blog from now on! Better bone up on mi español!

Not My Party :: Dinosaur Theme

Okay, well everything about this dino-mite dinosaur party is to di(no) for… but I am particularly obsessed with these party hats! Are those not the most genius things you’ve ever seen? Loooooooove them!I mean, come on! Just stop it with that cuteness! Seriously!Another obsession? These molten lava cakes. Totally fab, right? And if you’re a smartie, you’ll pop on over to Wants and Wishes to see the whole thing. It will blow your dino-mind!