Not My Party :: Monochromatic White Tea Party

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to post this absolutely stunning party, but seriously? Where to start? I cannot think of more ways to love this shindig. The all-white is truly breathtakingly fresh. That cake is too cute for words. If you haven’t already checked out Hello Naomi’s blog to see this party and for more inspiration, now is the time! She is a genius! 


Not My Party :: Australian Themed 1st Birthday Party

I’m in love with this 1st birthday party. The invitations, the cute little boy, the colors, and the fact that it’s Australian-themed (such a cute idea!) is just divine! Last week I got a new niece who is half Australian so this cute little party made me think of my own mini-kangaroo relative.I am loving this little boy’s crown! And those wooden kangaroos are too fab! Suann of Simple Song Design used a map of Australia as an envelope which is just as darling as the invites themselves. What a super cute little party. And each mate was sent home with a boomerang. Fabulous!Thanks to You Are My Fave for featuring this. Toooootally adorable!

Not My Party :: Lil Monster Birthday Bash

Well, this little monster party is quite possibly the cutest boy party I’ve ever seen! Jeanette from J At Your Service hit it out of the park with this party for her own little monster. This party is blowing up all over the party-sphere but I had to repost because it’s just so well done. My favorite details are the blue fur on the tables and the googly eye at the center of the pinwheel. And check out this photo booth below. So fun!Talk about creative! Absolutely fabulous Jeanette! I wish I were two and best friends with your son so I could have gotten an invite. To die for!
This party was also featured on  Kara’s Party Ideas  last week if you want to see more of the incredible details!

Not My Party :: Cardboard Box Birthday

Talk about thinking outside of the box. A cardboard box birthday party for twin boys. This has GOT to be the most creative theme I have seen for a birthday party. Can you imagine the toddler brain overload? Kidlets would go bonkers for a birthday like this! I die!Of course something this incredible comes from the people at Hello Lucky. They’re the kind of creative peeps that make feel me sick inside because I know there is not a way on God’s green earth I will ever be as cool. I say this as a compliment to them. (Are you feeling sick too?) Looking at the details from this shindig makes me feel like I am getting slapped in the face with waterballoons of ideas. Ouch! And awesome!b.y.o.b! Bring your own box! Are you kidding me??? Too cool.And the hats! I am obsessing over that funny little balloon man that keeps popping up throughout the party. Funky and fabulous.I’m totally feeling inspired and depressed all at the same time! Even the boxes are insanely rad. If you think you can stomach more awesomeness, check out the rest of the party here. One day I hope to reincarnated with a brain like the Hello Lucky-ers. Fantastic.

Not My Party :: Farewell Party

I “met” my friend Ashley through this wild blogosphere and I can just tell that she is such a funster! To prove it, let’s talk about the adorable farewell party she threw for a friend of hers. I cannot get over the clever ideas she came up with. She invited 14 ladies over for a farewell potluck brunch for her friend that was moving to Virginia. Clever Ashley went with the “Virginia is for Lovers” theme since she “loves the states slogan and of course love red and white.”She had everyone bring a recipe for the guest of honor and they filled out Cleveland postcards (which is where they live! Duh!) to wish her and her family well in their next adventure. Aren’t those all such great ideas? But wait! My FAVORITE idea for a farewell party is what she did next. About a week or so before the party she called the Richmond Times, the VA travelers center and a few relocation offices and was mailed tons of great maps, information, cds, newspapers and moving information. With these items, she decorated her house – and beautifully so! I ADORE how she turned the Virginia newspapers into those fun pinwheels and as a backdrop for the photobooth. I just think everything about these ideas are just so fun and so clever. I know I wouldn’t have come up with calling the new town’s relocation offices but what an absolutely brilliant idea! I would say I want to host a farewell party too, but I don’t want any of my friends to move. But man… if I could throw a party like this, it might just take the sting out of it, right? Great job Ashley and thanks for letting me share it with these party peeps!

Not My Party :: Military Man Theme

Well send me to the boot camp on how to make a party this cool! What an awesome and unique theme for a birthday boy! Genevieve of Celebrate Today… The Superchick Way sure was a superchick when she planned this beautifully detailed party for her 9-year-old son. Those bullets? Totally real (but old!) Holy amazingness! What a legit party!

Hot chocolate cupcakes? How do you even think of something that cute?
She even made camouflage cake pops. Can you see them? I don’t even want to know how long something like this takes! But totally worth every second! WOWZA!

Isn’t everything just amazing? Well, that’s not all… This was only “Part 1!” Part 2 will delight you even more! Make sure to check out her blog and see what insanely creative things she came up with! I know so many young men a party like this would be just fabulous for!

Not My Party :: Goldilocks & The Three Bears Birthday Party

Don’t even start reading this unless you want your head to spin around in amazement. And definitely do NOT check out Frog Prince Paperie’s blog for more on this party unless you really want your mind to be blown. The bed as a table? The silhouettes of the three bears? The porridge? I honestly do not even have words for how damn adorable this party is. 
These photos aren’t even the half of it… everything was just beyooooooooooond insanely well done. Really. You just might go into creative over-load just looking at the snaps on their blog. There are 5 parts to this party on Frog Prince’s blog so make sure you click through to see all of them. You literally won’t be able to stand how darling everything is! Get ready to get inspired!

Oh shoot! Someone’s been sitting in my chair! Gotta jet!