Baby Shower :: Cover Girl Theme

invite2Calling all cover girls! My beautiful and chic friend Susannah is expecting a daughter soon and I was so excited to a part of the planning! Since she lives in Arizona, we took the party on the road and had help from many people who already love this little baby so much!invite3Sus had chosen some really fun Barbie prints for the nursery so we riffed off those and tied in a “cover girl” theme. The nursery is going to be grey and lavender so the colors were a no-brainer… just added a splash of cream.welcomeWe used tissue fans and made garland out of doilies to kind of keep it on the shabby chic side of the spectrum.signsdoily1doiliesdetailspennantSusannah’s amazingly talented sister-in-law Alicia was a godsend when it came to planning since she also lives in Arizona and is a craft goddess. overviewShe refinished an old wooden highchair and table to make into the dessert bar. highchairsetupTotally unreal right? Oh and that wreath?wreath Yeah. She made that too! So so cute! When she starts a party planning biz, I will be the first to give her a shout out! She was a dream to work with!champsI really wanted to put the tissue fans all over the wood but in a test, we noticed that the glue dots were probably going to ruin the cabinets. Had I been there a day earlier, I probably would have figured out a way to do it but I think it still looked cute. watermimosaOne of the things that came “on the road” with me was my grandma’s vintage Dior suitcase. I thought it would be a perfect prop for the shower. We used it as a water bottle holder and it did the trick!water2Dried lavender, a vanity mirror and pearls dressed up the mimosa bar as well.drinksetupOutside we set up simple table with Serena & Lily fabric I found for $8 a yard instead of $50! Deal! We put white roses into lacey Ikea vases and called it a day. flowersWe were going to add makeup and pearls but took it all away. Sometimes simplicity is key. (Did I just say that?! Ha!) Less was definitely more in this instance.outsidesetupWe also used her nursery art to dress up the outdoor fireplace.outsideprintsBack inside we did two activites.wishes4 wishessign  One was the “Wishes for Baby” and the other was where we asked Sus’ husband Brent questions and Sus had to guess what he may have answered. wishes1It was such a hit because Brent is such a funny and heartfelt guy. The answers were hilarious!caketableAlicia was the go-to-girl for all the dessert items and she knocked it out of the park! From the cake stands to the mannequin bust, the entire (refinished!!!) table looked adorable. The showstopper? That cake!cakeIf you’re in the Phoenix area, Amanda from The Cake Baketress will blow your everloving mind! Alicia showed her the invite and talked a little about what we envisioned and poof! What we got was perfection! Simply adorable and I felt so bad to it sliced up.treatsOh yeah… I forgot! We actually ate too! eatforksOne of Sus’ favorite places is Postino Wine Cafe so she got them to cater with a Bruchetta Bar. Perfect and amazing food.brushcbarbruschettaIt was such a wonderful day for an even more wonderful person.cutemom We couldn’t get enough of her teeny tiny bump!handsSus provided the favors for everyone which were Essie nail polishes. Very Cover Girl, don’t you think?favorSuch a fun first party to throw “on the road!” And so thankful for all the in-state help! We love this little baby cover girl so much already!


Baby Shower :: Circus Theme

While there is no shortage of circus themed parties on the blogosphere, I have to say that this one is one of the cutest! This was my friend Chelsea’s baby shower thrown for her by her mother-in-law and insanely talented artist Cherisse, and sisters-in-laws Leah of Mustard Seed Design & Nicole, a fabulous graphic designer. With credentials like that you know it turned out totally incredible! (Please note, I had nothing to do with it’s incredibleness. I just know awesomeness when I see it!) Let’s comb through the big top for ideas, shall we?
One of my favorite details was how they wrapped the flower vases with admission tickets. What a high-impact, low cost way to set the tone for the party. Just adorable!I also really loved how the place settings looked. Again, totally crushing on how they used those tickets. A napkin ring! Genius!The ladies chose to host the party in a beautiful seaside park… and they got one of the prettiest days ever so it made the day even sweeter. Speaking of sweets… Check out that sweet table below there! I adooooooore the pennants Nicole created. Everything just looked so fresh and fabulous, did it not?I love the color palette they chose. That fabulous blue, bright red and black just sings when combined and I’m pretty sure this shower was belting one out. Pinwheels on each table added to the adorable factor.They set up little circus tents throughout the park and used them to play games like Ring A Duck…
(Since I know you may ask, I think the tents are from Restoration Hardware of all places. Unfortunately, they were found a long time ago by Crafty Jan) …and they also used a tent as a shady spot for cupcakes. Yum and cute!They also had a popcorn bar.…and a place to doodle on onesies as well as prep for the photobooth. Clown noses for all!
What an adorable day for a beautiful lady! Great job gals! What a dream team you make!