1st Birthday Party :: Bouncing, Balls, Balloons, & Fun

My friend Lindsey approached me a couple months ago with a great idea for her son Ryan’s first birthday. She had been searching for invites that included the themes of balls, balloons, and bouncing – since they were getting a bounce house – but couldn’t find just what she liked. She was a joy to work with because she was set on her vision – which makes my job so much easier! I created some printables for her (available to purchase right here), but she was the true party genius here. Everything looked SO bright and FUN! I didn’t know that they made frosting so bright! They matched the color of the balls so perfectly.She set up a blow up pool with balls for the little ones, had a bouncy house for the big kids, had the most amazing face-painter to keep the kids (and Ryan’s cute dad Marc!) happy, and had a crafting station where the kids made necklaces out of Froot Loops. It was a smashing success. Above every doorway was a garland of bright paper balls she strung together. From the front door, it looked so darling. Here’s shot of the Froot Loop table, but what I love most is her genius use of balloons. Are those helium, you ask? Oh no! How smart is this? She blew them up and taped them to the ceiling. This is brilliant on a lot of levels… no need to rush to a balloon store the day of, but also you can leave your doors open, let the breeze in and the balloons stayed put throughout the party. I am SO stealing this idea! So so so smart!She framed photos of her sweet boy in bright frames and placed them all over the house. I really love first birthdays with little touches like this. There is something so dear about that first year of life and I get choked up looking at baby photos! It’s like the end of an era… he’ll never be a baby again… so it’s sweet to honor that first year.Another thoughtful touch was that she painted a birthday plate just for him that he will use every year on his big day. His two big sisters each have their own as well. She displayed it by the food and it just made me happy. What a great idea and dear memento he’ll get to keep forever. She used bright gumballs as decor and even replaced the candles in their sconces with balls. What a cute touch!Chevron fabric anchored the food.And she even tracked down “RYAN” soda! How perfect… and in bright colors too! They must have known she was throwing a party!Each kiddo went home with bubbles and I have to tell you, this was one of the most fun parties my little guy has been to. He loved all the activities and bright colors. And it didn’t hurt that his buddy’s dad turned himself into a tiger for the day! Isn’t this the cutest party? Great job Linz! (And Marc! I am sure you were enlisted to help as well!)