Not My Party :: Fishy Lunch

I just found this fabulous blog called La Decoracion De Mis Mesas – which I believe loosely translates to mean “My Table Decorations” and I think the lovely lady behind this blog is named Marta. It’s all in Spanish so I am winging it here… Point is, she is fab! I honestly love how she used a small mason jar of water below the hanging fish. So creative!I translated her blog online and I think she said that she just threw this adorable lunch together at the last minute for a few friends who happened to pop by. Are you kidding me? So many things I love here. And those napkins? Adorable right? She has a tutorial on how to make them right here. (Hope you speak Spanish!)I think she wrote (again, I’m translating here) that she just tied those funny little pieces of fabric on those popsicle sticks then threw them into wine glasses because it just looked cute. It’s not like you need to stir your wine! I actually really adore useless creative details like that. It’s fun for fun’s sake, you know? No other reason required!
I love how this little lunch manages to be simple, chic and funky at the same time. I feel like it’s what you get when a grown up and kid hug. The best parts of both worlds. Just fab! I can’t wait to follow this blog from now on! Better bone up on mi espaƱol!