Book Club :: Bar / Beer Themed Party

Crafty Jan has been in a book club with some of the best ladies in the world for years and years now. Each month they choose a book to read, then get together to eat, drink and eventually discuss the book.This month they chose The Tender Bar by J. R. Moehringer (great book, FYI. I’m reading it now.) and because of it’s boozy theme, my mom decorated with beer, nuts, and coasters. I love how she wrapped a pretzel around the napkin. Clever.Everything on this table, she already had… She just pulled things from different places around her house. The coasters are from when she and my dad went through Europe in their 20s. She’s kept them all this time and I used to love looking through them as a kid. With newer coasters, she created a garland for the mantle. Easy idea. I’m thinking that this would be such a good party to repurpose for the boozehound man in your life.She threw flowers from her garden into pretzel boxes and added 40 oz. beers as centerpieces. More pretzels to snack on…… and water with beer labels to drink. That Crafty Jan! She honestly should be writing this blog, I swear! 


Not My Party :: Book Themed Party

Here’s the first installment of Not My Party! Up until now I’ve only posted parties I had some sort of role in, but there are so many beautifully fun, funky and fabulous ideas out there that I need to share with you all! This book party from Amelie’s House found via Sara’s Party Perfect is just adorable.Yes it was for a child’s birthday party, but think of making it more mature. Say you’ve been in the same book club for 10 years… why not throw a party like this to celebrate? Or what about a “dress like your favorite book character” party? So many things I love about this! Make sure to click those links above to see more! And let’s throw this piñata into the Idea Thief files. Piñatas… not just donkeys anymore! Adore this! Makes me want to curl up with a good book!