Baby Shower :: Circus Theme

While there is no shortage of circus themed parties on the blogosphere, I have to say that this one is one of the cutest! This was my friend Chelsea’s baby shower thrown for her by her mother-in-law and insanely talented artist Cherisse, and sisters-in-laws Leah of Mustard Seed Design & Nicole, a fabulous graphic designer. With credentials like that you know it turned out totally incredible! (Please note, I had nothing to do with it’s incredibleness. I just know awesomeness when I see it!) Let’s comb through the big top for ideas, shall we?
One of my favorite details was how they wrapped the flower vases with admission tickets. What a high-impact, low cost way to set the tone for the party. Just adorable!I also really loved how the place settings looked. Again, totally crushing on how they used those tickets. A napkin ring! Genius!The ladies chose to host the party in a beautiful seaside park… and they got one of the prettiest days ever so it made the day even sweeter. Speaking of sweets… Check out that sweet table below there! I adooooooore the pennants Nicole created. Everything just looked so fresh and fabulous, did it not?I love the color palette they chose. That fabulous blue, bright red and black just sings when combined and I’m pretty sure this shower was belting one out. Pinwheels on each table added to the adorable factor.They set up little circus tents throughout the park and used them to play games like Ring A Duck…
(Since I know you may ask, I think the tents are from Restoration Hardware of all places. Unfortunately, they were found a long time ago by Crafty Jan) …and they also used a tent as a shady spot for cupcakes. Yum and cute!They also had a popcorn bar.…and a place to doodle on onesies as well as prep for the photobooth. Clown noses for all!
What an adorable day for a beautiful lady! Great job gals! What a dream team you make!


Baby Shower :: Ugly Dolls & Zolos Baby Boy Shower

Well, well, well. Today I am going to share my baby shower with you that took place about 3 years ago! Now, please forgive the photo quality in these. I did not yet know I would ever start a party blog where photos (or I!) needed to look decent, and I certainly didn’t have the “baby camera” yet. (You know? You have a baby, then a big fat DSLR comes out right after? It always happens that way!) Anyway, if you can look beyond the quality, you might just take a few brilliant ideas away. So let’s go back in time, shall we?My mom and my sister put together a shower that was beyond perfect for me. I have to admit I was in a bit of a state of shock for the entire 9 months I was pregnant with my first son. I was so excited about the baby… I just didn’t really understand all the gear that came with one. I had a mini-breakdown while registering, so all I registered for were Ugly Dolls. True story. I did NOT want a shower or presents at all, but my wise mom & sis decided otherwise on my behalf. Lucky for me, because this shower was so un-baby-ish and totally cool and super fun. It felt like a… well… a party! And a party I wanted to be at. It was perfect!As a young girl, I absolutely LOVED Zolos. Did anyone else have this incredible toy? They make plastic ones now but I had (and still have!) the original wood set. I was totally thrilled to walk in and be surprised by Zolos and Ugly Dolls all over the tables. They are so colorful yet funky so they made the most fun centerpieces. Using wheat grass, gerber daisies, and making flower balls out of floral oasis’, the created the most hip tables. The only bummer was that it ended up being a 90 degree day – which never happens by the beach – so all the grass and flowers were pretty wilted by the time the guests arrived and these photos were snapped. You can still get the idea though. Just pretend the wheat grass is standing up! It really was darling.How fun are those daisy balls? (Did I really just write that sentence?)This was the place setting. Too dang cute right? That’s a real diaper cloth and pin used for the napkin and a cookie favor tucked inside to take home. I love these funky cafeteria trays too. They just added to the fun vibe.Speaking of cookies, I could NOT get over the ones my mom made for this shower. She made some look like Zolos with sticks coming out of them, some bottles, some baby carriages……but look at that baby head! Love it!They also had a candy counter filled with orange, green, black, blue, and white candies.Cute, cute, cute.The drink station was equally fun. I love that fabric they used. I think it was from Ikea. (Don’t they have the best fabrics?)That black little Ugly Doll up there had a sign around him that said “Get your drink on.” I love funny details like that.They hung a clothesline outside with baby boy clothes. I ended up snapping a photo of my son on that blanket every single week for the first year of his life. I didn’t know then how special it would be to me now.They hung lanterns from the kitchen and one of my favorite things was that my sister came up with “10 reasons Meatball will be oh so lucky!” and framed it on the wall. (PS: We nicknamed him Meatball while he was in my tummy. I assure you we came up with a better name for him than that.) What a really sweet detail.The guests had a great time, I was in Heaven and it was really such a cute and funky day. And I love how the hostesses dressed in the colors of the shower. I always think that’s so fun!I think the biggest take-away from this shower is to go with what you know the guest-of-honor will love… no matter how bizarre. The strangest ideas can be the best ones! Thanks for time-traveling with me! Have a great Wednesday!