2nd Birthday Party :: Cars & Trucks & Things That Go (Invitation)

You’re invited! I’m sure most everyone reading this blog grew up with Richard Scarry books. I know I did. But I had no idea how seriously OBSESSED boys can be with Scarry’s “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” book until I had my rugrats. (If you have a boy and you don’t yet have this book, seriously go out right now, spend the $9 and get it!) My husband apparently would ONLY read this book with his mom each night as a kid so I guess it’s in the genes, but both of my sons are seriously beyond the point of obsession and are quite possibly addicted to this book. It’s seriously awesome.My littlest guy is the most obsessed one in the bunch so there was no other theme choice when planning his birthday party. He literally talks about ‘pickle trucks’ at least 14 times a day. I know that Richard Scarry is having a bit of a resurgence – there’s “Busytown Mysteries” on TV and games all over the place lately – but I really wanted to keep the focus on this book specifically since it’s my wee one’s first love. I scanned in the both the front and back of the book itself and altered the wording, keeping the font choice the same as the book. Simple as that.On the back of the book where there is normally a blurb about Richard Scarry, I chose to explain the reason we threw our little man this party.I changed the bar code to his initials WSL and his birthday 01.20.10. I’m such a dork at heart.I bought about 5 used “Cars & Trucks…” books online for pennies and cut them up to use as envelopes (as well as throughout the party which you’ll see more of this week.) Every invitee had a different page wrapped around their invite. And that’s that!
So… you’re invited to come check out this party this week! Hop in that pencil car of yours and come on along!


Not My Party :: Dinosaur Theme

Okay, well everything about this dino-mite dinosaur party is to di(no) for… but I am particularly obsessed with these party hats! Are those not the most genius things you’ve ever seen? Loooooooove them!I mean, come on! Just stop it with that cuteness! Seriously!Another obsession? These molten lava cakes. Totally fab, right? And if you’re a smartie, you’ll pop on over to Wants and Wishes to see the whole thing. It will blow your dino-mind!