2nd Birthday Party :: Cars & Trucks & Things That Go (Part 2)

Part Two — The Food. Ha! What a lie that is! If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, then you’re well aware that the whole food part of parties is totally not my forte! Thank goodness I know how to use a phone and call for pizza! So while, this is technically the “food” post for this party, we’re starting with the showstopper… The Pickle Truck Cake!Ever since I spotted their work at the Olivia party last summer, I have used and abused the insanely talented Alicia and Sarah of The Crimson Cake. I highly suggest that you do the same if you’re a Southern Californian. It seems there is nothing they can’t do! Their reaction to “Can you please whip me up a pickle truck cake?” was “Oh my gosh! We LOVE Richard Scarry! We wish the cake was bigger so we could do more characters!” These are girls who are so passionate about their work and it truly comes through in the quality.Of course since Wiley is so obsessed with pickle trucks, our choice was obvious when it came to the cake. It was adorable. Now, please note, the (highly deformed) cake pops were NOT made professionally. (Hello, Captain Obvious!) I thought I’d give them a spin myself and once again it just goes to prove that we should leave the hard stuff to the pros. For me, these were the PITAs* of the party. But usually the PITA is always food related for me. I just don’t enjoy it. I call them UFO pops. What’s up with that ring? Who knows! But at least it was a “Things That Go” party. UFOs fit right in! The photo above were the good looking ones. But most of them legitimately looked like this. I’m sooooooo good at this stuff. Such a beautiful piece of art.Thankfully when grouped all together, it was hard to see how bad they really looked individually. Plus, shouldn’t every cake pop have a little character?I certainly did not get my mom’s skill when it comes to making pretty things to eat. Crafty Jan whipped up these adorable “things that go” cookies! Now, she should actually go into business!Oreo wheeled cars!Wiley Mack trucks!Big honking buses! And airplanes and helicopters too! She blows my mind! Oh – so that was the dessert… did we actually eat? Yep – but I totally phoned it in. Literally! I ordered 12 large pizzas (they all went!), made pasta salad a raspberry-blue cheese green salad and called it a day. Costco veggie trays rounded out the selection and I’m pretty sure everyone’s tummies were just as happy as they would have been had I slaved away in the kitchen for days. I guess my advice is pick what you’re good at and fake the rest. Hee hee!We had tons of beer, wine, juice boxes, and water bottles. I used the same “Golden Book” pattern on the water bottles as I did on the favors.And life was good for the birthday boy who had about 10 cake pops and was seriously OBSESSED with his pickle truck cake. Part 3 tomorrow! Photobooth time! See you then!

*PITA = Pain  In  The (you know what!)


Idea Thief :: Photo Numbered Walls

I’m all about an easy but big impact and this idea hits the nail on the head. Forgive me but I don’t know where the top photo is from. I got it off of pinterest and can’t figure out it’s initial source. (Anyone know? I will give credit!) What a great way to commemorate a big year. (I also love how they wrapped photos of this man around mini champ and beer bottles. Clever!)My friend Sandy created this same look for her sweet baby Max’s first birthday. I’m kinda wanting to kick her for not taking more photos since this party looked so cute (Can you tell how adorable that cake looks? I want a close up!), but I love how bold and sweet the overall look turned out for him. Black and white photos, a little tape, and a number or a word. Easy but awesome! Thieve away!

Baby Shower :: Orange, Blue & White Baby Boy Shower

Happy Monday and get ready for some serious cute hitting your eyeballs! Today I am featuring a baby shower for my friend Stephanie that I was lucky enough to attend (but had absolutely no role in) and let me tell you, it was a true feast for the eyes!I could comb over this shower’s darling details for days, but let’s hit some highlights! First I looooooove how they put some of the pom poms on the ground! What a way to move the eye around and highlight the fun vintage cases. It really made the whole display super cohesive.One of Steph’s best friends was one of the hostesses and is also, very conveniently, a very talented floral designer. Aly of The Vine’s Leaf was responsible for all of the floral beauty. One of the cutest touches was the each vase was a mason jar because guess what Stephanie named her son? Yep, Mason! How cute is that!? Her mother-in-law even tracked down beautiful vintage mason jars for his nursery (which is just as darling!)Favors were mini mason jars filled with blue jelly beans. Just perfect! I really love how they used burlap to make the whole shower a little more rustic chic. It was such a beautiful balance of manly yet sweet for a baby boy. I didn’t stray far from the desert table. Not only was everything delicious but also so pretty to look at. It almost felt criminal to eat those cute giraffes!A bakery out of Long Beach called Sweet And Saucy Shop made all the beautiful desserts. I might just go broke in gas bills driving to the LBC for these delicious and gorgeous treats.And those sticks in those oranges? Such a great idea!They rented all the vintage furniture and props at a place called Found Vintage Rentals and it really made such an impact! The problem with this though, is that you have to give all this incredible furniture back! That would break my heart!Look at that awesome cart where all the presents ended up living! So truly fabulous! Don’t you just want to put your feet up and sip on some lemonade?Oh and let’s not forget the incredible lunch they served! They used Anything But Ordinary Catering and not only was everything to-die-for-delish, it was also so beautifully arranged. Again, too pretty to eat! It was one of the most stunning showers I have ever been too. Every detail was thought of, everyone had a smile on their face, and the mom-to-be was just as gorgeous as the shower itself! Speaking of Steph, she is talented photographer behind all of this pictures. One day soon we are going to force her to just admit to being a professional photographer and start up a business! She’s fantastic!