Supper Club :: Mexican Fiesta Theme

Ay yi yi! Who’s ready to head south of the border? As I mentioned yesterday, it was our turn to host our Gourmet Group and we chose a Mexican menu. My husband and I could live on Mexican food alone for the rest of our lives, so it was a no brainer. I had also intended to force a Mexican themed birthday party for my son so I thought I could double dip in the decor department… That didn’t turn out so well for me (see here.) but at least the donkeys will be making another appearance soon. Since we’re Southern Californians, Mexican themed parties are somewhat frequent. I was lucky because between my mom and my aunt’s collection of Mexican party decor, I was pretty much set before even starting. (Though the cholo and chola were stolen from my very quirky brother.)They had all the serapes (used as tablecloths), sombreros, maracas, lanterns, pillows, napkins & napkin rings, the chi chi ball buckets and various other knick knacks. I just borrowed their stash. How awesome is that?I brought the donkeys, the religious candles (found at the grocery store for $1.50 each), and the papel picado flags (found on, and the succulents ($1 each at the farmers market) planted in El Pato cans (79 cents at the grocery store) to the table.I think it made our house look like a Mexican restaurant.The fun thing about the night was that we literally moved every piece of furniture in our house. We moved both tables into the living room, put one couch in the dining room to create an intimate lounging area, and another couch by the kitchen. It was nice to surprise people who are at our house so often with something new.I honestly love those cholo/a banks.Another donkey comes out for the party.Alternating plates of red & blue with bright napkins.Hee haw! More donkeys!Outside we hung more flags… it was a little windy but it looked cute:Here’s the former dining room turned into a lounge. I actually really loved it like this. Super cozy. What a pity that a big ol’ table has to live there:Simple serape covered backyard table:
And THE FOOD! Later this week I will get into how we assign courses but everything, as usual, turned out delicious! It’s really cool to eat a full gourmet meal and only have to be responsible for one dish.Cheers! (Or should I say, salud?)Prepping margis in the kitchen:Cannot get enough of these things:Yum! Carne asada!
Notice how I didn’t make ONE paper item for this party? I think I needed a break from creating! But with so many colors, I don’t think it really needed it.

Fiesta! Fiesta! Fiesta! Viva Mexican Food!