1st & 3rd Birthday Party :: Olivia The Pig Theme

I have been chomping at the bit to show you this insanely perfect birthday party. My friends Steph & Matt threw their kiddos Rylie (3) and Mason (1) a joint birthday bash that is TO. DIE. FOR. darling!Steph approached me a few months ago to help with the paper goods, and knowing how stylish and fun she is, I jumped at the chance. Her daughter Rylie is obsessed with Olivia The Pig and though Steph wasn’t really keen on throwing a “character birthday” at first, she dove in and made it hip, cool, and decidedly un-character-centric. She had me focus on red & white stripes like Olivia’s tights with a kick of blue to tie in the boy vibe. Her challenge was trying to figure out how to make an “Olivia” party work for both a boy and girl… Thank goodness Olivia has a little brother… so we added him to the invitation. It worked out perfectly! One of my absolute favorite things I have ever seen is how she made characters more like art by drawing them in chalk on black paper. How insanely genius is that? Totally copying this one day! It totally upped the style of the party while giving her kiddos the characters that they love so much. Win-win! Mom gets a good looking party, kids get Olivia and Ian. Perfection!Look how cute!Another fabulous and totally big impact punch was the way she hung letters from the ceiling that read “Rule #100: Red is the best color for absolutely positively everything.” I am so glad she tried this Idea Thief idea though she said it was the Pita of the party. (What’s a Pita? Read this post to refresh your memory.) It was worth all the curse words, because it turned out smashingly. The dessert table was styled to perfection! Those cakes? Seriously to die for! And the best deal ever apparently. If you’re in the San Diego area, you’ve got to check out The Crimson Cake in Encinitas. She made red & white striped tablecloths out of fabric from Ikea and I love how she put Olivia books on each of the food & drink tables. Such a nice way to tie in the theme. I am still doing back flips over those chalkboard characters though! Too cute!Um, can you get over the cookies & milk set up? No? Me neither. Straw through the cookie = fabulosity. Cake pops? Check. Love that they were stick side up. Super cute and no styrofoam to deal with. Red, white & blue strawberries? Perfect for the theme!Steph had me create “Rule” signs to place around the house. I guess Olivia has really funny rules on the TV show. They looked so cute throughout the party.Olivia & Ian only popped up in a couple unexpected places, like the flowers. So brilliant and subtle.
The drink station was adorbs. Love how they put the glasses in the front drawers of that table.And let’s just talk about this photobooth set-up for a second? “Say Oink!” hung about the peeps and thought bubbles on sticks shouted out birthday blessings to Rylie & Mason. Can you get over how cute that foursome is? It’s like looking at a cool Barbie & Ken’s family! Too darling!
The birthday kiddos had the best day and the time, love and energy you guys put into this was not lost on anyone there. It was beyond adorable!
How cute are they?Everyone got to take home a bag o’ sugar on their way out! But who would want to leave a party like this? I sure didn’t! What a way to celebrate two very darling birthday piggies! All of these stunning photos (except for the two bad ones I took) are by Elizabeth Patton who happens to be Steph’s very talented friend. Absolutely great work to all involved! Yay for great parties!


First Birthday Party :: Beach Theme

I have literally been dying to share this insanely fresh and fabulous “both”day party with you all! Our little friends Dane & Ryley are each other’s cousins and their fantastic parents (Becky & Brad and Nicole & Andy) threw their kiddos – born only weeks apart – a beachy ‘both’ day party! The invite said “It’s O’FISH’ial! Dane & Ryley are ONE!” (Can you get over those highchairs? Me neither! So cute!)Let’s take a gander at the stunning park they threw this shindig in. Oh and that peak of blue between the trees there? Just the ocean. No big deal. How pretty, huh?There honestly was so much to love here! One of my favorite things is how they managed to make this party cool enough for a boy but sweet enough for a girl. It was such a great example of how to throw a joint party for different sexes. “Catch of the day cookies”  from Gwynn Wasson Designs. Oh come on! How cute! They also used printables from Catch My Party. What a great mix! Their dessert table was so cute! My favorite detail was that the cupcakes matched the balls in the inflatable pools. Such great synergy! Speaking of the pools, they set up a few inflatable pools from Target and filled them with balls from Walmart ($10 for 150 of them!) They had so many babies there and it was THE BEST activity for them. Added bonus that it was so adorable and theme-related! What a no-brainer! A perfect idea for summer parties!They made PB&J sandwiches for all the kiddos in the shape of a fish. So cute! The grown-up food was pretty cute too.

And check out these fishy nibbles. My 3-year-old loved eating Nemo!

My favorite detail and hands-down the most brilliant thing I have seen in the party world as of late was their use of flagging tape – NOT ribbon – to stream around branches and umbrellas. It looked so whimsical and fun and it was just really quite beautiful. The best part about it? It is CHEAP! What’s flagging tape? It’s what police use as “Caution” tape but it comes in really cute designs and colors. From what I googled it goes for about $1.50 a roll. That’s bananas cheap! You get the effect of a ribbons without the price. Idea Thieves, take note! This is one worth stealing. (I certainly intend to!)Yet another thing I loved was that they rolled two big wagons down to gather gifts for the wee ones. It not only looked cute, but was totally practical… They just had to roll the wagon to the car and unload. You can’t go wrong with bubble favors. Here’s another view of the park. How cute do all the big blankets, pools, balls, and umbrellas look? What a fabulous first birthday for two of the cutest little wee ones I’ve ever seen. And because who doesn’t like to look at cute babies, here’s a pic of the birthday cousins.To die for right? The party AND the babies! I know that Becky & Nicole worked so hard on making such an adorable party for their little ones, but I’m told that the VIP award goes to Dooey – Dane & Ryley’s grandma Judi. Way to go! What an adorable celebration. Not a detail missed! A perfect beachy birthday for two very darling beachy kiddos.Please note: I had nothing to do with this darling party! (Though I wish I did!) If I missed any of the details and you want a little more information, I am happy to ask the party throwers for you. Just leave a comment below.
(All photos by either me, my sister Ellie, my friend Steph, or the birthday boy’s mom Becky. Sorry I don’t know which is which!)