Not My Party :: Lego/Pirate Themed Birthday Party

There is so much to love about this “Lego/Pirate” birthday party that Ashley of Not Without Salt threw her two sons. How about it’s apparent simplicity? I say “apparent” because what she put together for these boys is far from simple! But the total effect is clean, beautiful, and simply cool. How about the simple two palate color scheme? How about the fact she made the lego pinata herself? How about that she had the boys go bananas with paint on a dropcloth then stitched it up into bunting? How about how she took a lego/pirate theme and made it seem elegant? This party is just beyond words. I adore every detail. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Ashley is pretty much a famous chef and the food she served looked to die for? Yep. She’s that amazing. Head over to her blog to see what I am talking about. So much more eye candy for you there!
Ahhh… This was Not My Party but how I wish it were.