Baby Shower/Sprinkle :: Orange, Pink, & White Squirrels!

For reasons I won’t go into, we’ve always called my brother “The Squirrel.” My sister-in-law Kelly has embraced this odd fact and without her knowing about it, my mom, sister, and I planned a Squirrely Sprinkle for her second baby! This time she gets a girl! Because this is her second pregnancy, we wanted to keep the sprinkle very small and very mellow. Therefore, we went with a ‘cozy breakfast!’ And it was just that! Super cute and cozy!Keeping things bright with an orange, fuchsia, and pink color scheme. The fabric on the tablecloth and the fur used for place mats was ordered from The curtains were actually taken down from the nursery in my house since we’re changing it to pink but they worked perfect so we just put them up.We bought about 5 funky squirrels from eBay and HomeGoods and spray painted them white to keep things fresh. We wanted it squirrel-modern (ha! Did I just write that?) but not woodland. For a quick pop of color we chose bright orange gerber daisies and placed them into spray-painted votive candle glasses, then put moss on top.Cutting that fur into place mats was SUPER messy but it was a funky touch to the table so worth the fuzz all over the floor. I found paper napkins as well as the lanterns at Target and it was like they knew we were throwing this party! Perfect colors! As party favors, Crafty Jan whipped up ribbon-wrapped wooden bracelets which we used as napkin rings – then sent home on the arm of each guest. I love when party props work double duty.Water bottles were at each place setting and the squirrels served up pastries.Since we had such an early start time (and since Kelly is usually the go-to-girl for the food portion of these parties) we kept things simple by ordering out what we could. My sister dialed up Panera and they delivered us the perfect breakfast… ….various pastries and amazing personal quiches……added to melon balls scooped into french fry bags that my mom made using her cricut machine.Throw in some mimosas and we’re all set!Simple! Especially for a 9:30am party.The mantle mimicked the table. Yay for Kelly!It was such a great morning! And don’t parties look so much better with people at them? I think so!Yay for the newest squirrel on the block! And in case you’re wondering, YES – my sister, sister-in-law, and I are all having babies this summer. No, we did not plan it. Yes, it’s a little creepy now, but will be super fun when these wee ones are on the flip side! And YES, my sister Ellie’s sprinkle is this week so there are more parties coming! Stay tuned!