Wedding Invitation :: Grey & Yellow Birds

A family friend of mine is getting married and his darling bride-to-be was in a bit of a pickle. The invitations she found in a store on Etsy suddenly disappeared. Wouldn’t that be heartbreaking? She had a sample invitation but when she went to order, the store had closed for business! Oh no! The original design is pictured directly above. She needed help recreating the same vibe with those cute little love birds and I was happy to help out. This is my version of the invite:A few less branches, a little cleaner, and the addition of stripes, patterns (on the back of the invite pictured below the RSVP) and pennants and we had a happy bride-to-be on our hands! The RSVP was a post card and the other side looks like this:I printed on Paper Presentation’s fabulous dutch felt and I think they turned out quite nicely. The guest’s addresses was printed directly onto the envelope with the birdies there to help deliver the good news.
I got also to work on many more fun details for this wedding as well and hope to share that with you sometime this summer after the wedding. This is quite a creative and fun family I get to wrok with so I am so excited to see how everything turns out in the end.
Printable files can be found right here in my Etsy Shop.